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Zupee: Playing Games Can Boost Learning and Improve Complex Business Trainings: Zupee Founder

A strong believer in the effectiveness of learning through play, Dilsher Singh Malhi founded the skill-based game company Zupee with the aim of bringing joy into people’s lives through useful games that can simplify , engage and entertain. Its goal is simple: to empower people through play, i.e. to provide people with options for self-improvement, professional training, learning, re-learning and earning through fun and exciting gaming apps. .

The company is currently developing games to increase learning abilities, skills and mental aptitude through the application of neuroscience, psychology and visual arts. He wants games to be part of everyday life for people of all ages to keep them informed, entertained and, above all, engaged.

Playful learning
Malhi believes that making learning, education and skills an enjoyable experience will not only improve motivation and efficiency, but also reduce the stress of learning from traditional methods. This belief comes from his days as an engineering graduate at IIT Kanpur where he developed a deep interest in human behavior and psychology.

Helping people learn through play makes the process fun and exciting, Malhi believes. And that belief paid off. Zupee, one of the pioneers of skill-based mobile gaming in India, has grown rapidly, acquiring 10 million users in its first two years, making it one of the fastest growing companies. fastest in the industry.

Get out of the monotony of business
Malhi, who secured three rounds of funding for his company, is currently developing a number of important innovations that will reward improvement and simplify complex information.

In addition to making traditional learning fun, the founder wants to transform business results with custom solutions to simplify complex training programs and make monotonous instructions fun. He believes that technological innovations can also provide solutions to address mental wellbeing issues among professionals and housewives.

Voice for locals
Malhi is a strong believer in the inherent power of technology for good. To that end, he leads the creation of language-agnostic games to reach people in all parts of the country and encourage learning in all walks of life. With this, he hopes to pave the way to solving issues around access, financial literacy, and ubiquitous healthcare.

A native of Bikaner, Rajasthan, Malhi is also trying to do his part in creating a self-reliant India, atmanirbhar, by rediscovering and revamping India’s lost and forgotten games that could gain global recognition for the country in the consumer technology sector.

Be a sharp cookie at work: update your skills, keep learning to stay relevant

Conversion permit

Amazon plans to retrain nearly a third of its employees in the United States. This is how you can retrain to adapt to new markets.

Adaptability is the order of the day. It is important to accompany the change so as not to be left behind. Amazon US is training 100,000 workers in new skills, such as machine learning and even nursing. Whether it’s recession, boredom or job insecurity, retraining can only be a boon for your career. Take a look at how you can keep up to date with the ever-changing workforce:

Seize opportunities

When it comes to spending more time at work, few of us do it on purpose. But in many large companies, employers offer various training programs to help their employees improve and sharpen their skills. These programs are usually free, but go unnoticed simply because employees don’t know about it. So keep up to date with what your company is doing, not just in your own team, but across all sections. Your bosses will then know that you want to surpass yourself and that you are ready for the challenge.

keep learning

Instead of using your free time to surf the internet, get tangled up in online debates, or play mindless games, use the internet proactively. You can get online streams of seminars, lectures, and even podcasts on various topics that can help you. It’s an easy way to learn about industry trends. If you can’t find the right way to improve your skills in the real world, try virtual.

Register for a course

Write down your current skills and write down what you would like to add to them. Whether it’s communication, management or customer service, finding skills will help you retain and advance your career. While seminars and web series are great for building soft skills, when it comes to hard skills, find a course you can take. Look for a professional course online or after hours to help you add specialized certification to your resume. These usually only take a few months.


While access to learning is everywhere, it comes to nothing if you don’t apply your skills. It may be a cliché, but practice makes perfect. Don’t wait for the “right job” to show off your skills; use them in any given occasion. Dive into projects where you can use your new skills, even if it means not getting credit or getting paid. Use what you learn to help your colleagues gain confidence. Applying them to real-life situations can help you see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go.