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West Fargo Fire Department Launches CPR Trainings in Cardiac Ready Community


(West Fargo, ND) – The West Fargo Fire Department offers both manual and certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training through the Cardiac Ready Community program. The Cardiac Ready Community program aims to educate community members to recognize the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and how to access care early.

“Only about 46% of people who have a heart attack get the help they need before first responders arrive,” said Travis Olson Community Risk Reduction Officer. “These two CPR courses will provide vital training to our West Fargo community.”

Certified CPR class is available upon request and meets all state certification requirements. Certified CPR class is available for groups and individuals. Class requests must be submitted 30 days in advance as all classes are subject to instructor availability. Group rates are $300 per class for six participants or less. There will be an additional charge of $50 per participant for classes with more than six participants.

Individuals can register for certified CPR training on an ongoing basis for $50 per participant. Classes will be taught once a minimum class size is reached. Registration for this course is available online.

The free Hands-Only CPR course is available for large groups, schools, or workplaces to introduce residents to Hands-Only CPR tactics, as well as the basics of PulsePoint. This course does not meet state CPR certification requirements. Instructors cover hand-only CPR techniques, AED training, PulsePoint app functionality, and general first aid training. Registration for this course is available online here.

Both courses will cover the basics of the PulsePoint app. PulsePoint is a 911-connected mobile app that alerts nearby passers-by who can help victims before professional help arrives. Residents are encouraged to learn CPR, download the app, and join the West Fargo Fire Department in saving lives.

The PulsePoint app can be downloaded here.