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Webinars will explain how and why to “go native” in New Jersey yards


NECTAR: Native plants attract butterflies and bees, among their many other benefits. (Photo by Ryan Morrill)

The Pinelands Preservation Alliance has announced two upcoming webinars focused on planting native species for a beautiful, low-maintenance, eco-friendly yard. This Friday, March 18, join guest speaker Randi V. Wilfert Eckel of the Native Plant Society of NJ for the first of these online events.

As part of the free online series “Flooding to Flourishing Fridays,” which runs from 11 a.m. to noon, Eckel will explain how colorful native plants attract butterflies and birds to a property, while mitigating local flooding and waterway pollution. Sign up through pinelandsalliance.org to learn more about the benefits of native plants for stormwater management.

Additional presentations in this series, sponsored by the alliance, are scheduled for April 18 and May 13. Email [email protected] for more information.

Also this month, Karen Walzer, Public Outreach Coordinator for the Barnegat Bay Partnership, and Becky Laboy, Public Outreach Specialist at the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, will present “Going Native with Jersey-Friendly Yards.” At 1 p.m. Thursday, March 24, Walzer and Laboy will discuss “resources and tools at JerseyYards.org, an online guide to landscaping for a healthy yard and environment,” notes the PPA.

“Find out how native plants can reduce fertilizer and pesticide use, conserve water, and create habitat for wildlife in your garden,” the group adds. “Presenters will also showcase native plants in several Jersey-Friendly gardens.”

Register at pinelandsalliance.org. The webinar costs $10. —JK-H.