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Webinars Help Andhra University Students Shape Their Careers – The New Indian Express


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VISAKHAPATNAM: The Department of Electrical Engineering at Andhra University has held 139 webinars (online interaction programs) in the past 11 months to help students learn from industry leaders and alumni. These webinars have become a platform for students to find jobs in private companies, some of which are managed by alumni of the university. The salary packages that students have received so far have ranged from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. The man behind the webinars is the head of the department, Professor GV Siva Krishna Rao.

Speaking to TNIE, Prof Siva Krishna Rao said the practice and culture of running webinars continuously is a hallmark of leading institutes such as IIM, ISB, Stanford and Harvard. The webinar series began with BR Naidu, Executive Director of AECOM, on December 17 of last year. The Covid pandemic sparked the idea of ​​running online interaction programs. The small idea has since grown into a success, benefiting a large number of students from all departments.

At no cost to the university, webinars give optimal results. Krishna Rao said the webinars were held with prominent figures from industries and distinguished alumni. “We run the webinars without affecting the students’ regular online courses and without imposing a financial burden on the university,” he said. In this way, students benefit from exposure to the sector, awareness of their career opportunities, motivation and inspiration by interacting with founders, co-founders, CEOs, CTOs, CMDs, CEOs and directors of large companies such as Intel, Siemens, Samsung, Facebook, MEIL, Reliance Group, Adani Group, Tata Group, NTPC, Power Grid Corporation, POSCO, AECOM, Accenture, Wipro, Cerium Systems, Vijay Electricals, Texas Instruments, Gain Sight Technology, Microchips and Capital One Bank, added the HOD.

Students in the electrical engineering department said they finally stopped feeling unsuitable for the best software companies. Most of them now take complementary software courses like python, data science, java, C ++ with motivation from software giants in webinars. B Keertana Pallavi, who passed out in 2021, attributed the credit for getting a job at Gain Sight and a seat at IIM Bangalore to the webinars. “At a time when we thought the Covid pandemic shattered our prospects for the future, the webinars organized by the electrical engineering department kept our spirits up,” she said, adding that the interaction with CEOs of industry giants gave them the opportunity to focus more on their careers and the skills needed to prepare for the industry.

Expressing similar views, Gopichand, another final year student, said he felt very happy that he got a good job opportunity at an American company through one of the webinars. “The webinars have given us a new direction to shape our careers by laying a solid foundation,” said Gopichand. Professor Siva Krishna Rao said that a senior civil engineering company director, who spoke at a webinar, sanctioned 2 crore rupees for the construction of an additional floor of the PG block of the department of ‘electrical engineering.

He said the alumni webinars have helped their students secure jobs at top IT companies and some have chosen to continue their education at top institutions such as IIMs. Prominent alumni who have offered internships to AU students are P Sudhakar, Founder and CEO of Cerium Systems Pvt. Ltd. (37 students), T Divakar, Founder & CEO, Innominds Software (18), J Jaganmohan, COO & Co Founder, Acuvate Software (11), K. Suresh Kumar, Sr. Manager, Siemens Technologies (three), G Sridhar, Vice President, Gain Sight Technologies – (five), Ravi Nemalikanti, CTO and NCR Corporation (five).

Zero costs, maximum results
These webinars have become a platform for students in the Electrical Engineering Department to find jobs in companies, some of which are run by alumni of the university. The salary packages that the students have obtained so far range from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. At no cost to the university, webinars yield optimal results