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Webinars and farm walks organized for farmers


The 2022 Organic Farming Program is open for applications from today (Wednesday, February 9) until April 8, and to coincide with this, Teagasc has hosted a series of farm walks and webinars to inform farmers about the possible benefits of conversion.

A national webinar organized by Teagasc’s organic specialists will take place on Wednesday February 23 at 7:30 p.m., and will focus on the theme ‘Applying for the Organic Farming Scheme 2022’.

The webinar will be streamed using the Zoom online conferencing platform and attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions during the live stream.

Speaking ahead of this webinar, Teagasc Organic Specialist Elaine Leavy said, “A number of significant changes have been introduced to the program which will make it more attractive for many farmers to consider converting their farm.

“This February 23 online event, along with other events organized by Teagasc, will provide more detailed information to farmers to help them decide.”

A second national webinar on “Organic Direct Selling” is scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, also at 7:30 p.m.

In addition to these two national webinars, local webinars will also be organized by the Teagasc advisory service for their farmer clients and anyone else interested in converting their farm.

These webinars – which will be titled “Is organic farming an option for your farm?” – will begin on February 16 and will take place in the advisory regions of Teagasc.

In addition to the online experience, in-person farm walks have also been organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Marine and organic organizations.

This series of 12 farm walks will begin March 2 at 12:00 p.m. on the farm of Seamus Howard, a County Clare dairy farmer.

Joe Kelleher, another Teagasc Organic Specialist, said, “We are excited to announce a series of face-to-face farm walks at demonstration farms from early March through July 19.

“These 12 farmers are spread across the country and own various agricultural businesses, so this is a perfect opportunity to come see an organic farm in operation and learn from those who practice organic farming,” Kelleher added.

“I would like to thank all the host farmers for agreeing to invite visitors to their farms.”

Teagasc Director, Professor Frank O’Mara, commented: “Teagasc has a busy schedule of activities planned for 2022, for existing organic farmers and for those considering conversion.

“We are going to add another specialist to Teagasc’s team of organic specialists. This team is working across all counseling regions to enhance the skills of our frontline counselors on the opportunities presented in the new program,” O’Mara added.