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We organize training, raise awareness among stakeholders and collaborate to effectively deploy 5G – Danbatta. – Blueprint Limited Newspapers


“The trainings are ongoing and we are broadening the spectrum of beneficiaries, especially engineers and others who will extend their knowledge to others; we are focusing on improved broadband in both the wholesale and retail segments; we will also continue to educate people about the usefulness of 5G; and we will continue existing collaborations with sub-regional, continental and global partners to ensure that we deploy 5G effectively, ”said Professor Umar Danbatta, Executive Vice President (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) .

Danbatta said this, while answering questions during a high profile and captivating webinar, titled: “Unlocking the Potential of 5G in Africa”, held on StreamYard, a live streaming studio on the 22nd. November 2021. The webinar was co-hosted by Qualcomm and Forum Global, under the auspices of TECH POLICY TALKS, established to fuel debates on technology policy in the European Union. Qualcomm, creator of software and owner of patents essential to the usability of 4G and 5G, is an American multinational corporation, while Forum Global is the international arm of Forum Europe, specializing in organizing conferences focused on policies globally.

The CEO of NCC, Nigeria’s telecommunications regulatory authority, gave a remarkable presentation that captured the multi-sectoral nature of 5G applications, indicating that the technology transcends the telecommunications and ICT sector to encompass all facets of human life. . Danbatta sparked a debate that demonstrated Nigeria’s readiness to deploy 5G and in doing so underscored the centrality of the multi-stakeholder nature of the emerging conversations around technology that generated great enthusiasm.

Danbatta informed the audience that Nigeria appreciated the collaboration with the West African Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA), the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) and the International Telecommunications Union ( ITU), the global superintendent of telecommunications. Danbatta said Nigeria continued to receive visits from countries that wished to compare their operations, just as Nigeria also visited other countries to explore how 5G and related technologies can be deployed effectively, as 5G technologies are not available. not only valuable, they are so important because of their attendant social and economic benefits.

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