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Valley News – Valley Parents: Montshire Museum launches online workshops for families


Correspondent of the parents of the valley

Posted: 12/02/2021 11:06:49 AM

Modified: 12/02/2021 11:06:47

NORWICH – It can be difficult to be a practical museum during the pandemic.

For more than 40 years, the Montshire Museum of Science has been a place where curious children and budding scientists can use their imaginations to learn more about the world around them.

This posed a challenge for staff when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and temporarily closed the museum. Museum educators worked to create new ways for children to learn science at home through virtual programs and increased their social media presence to stay in touch with visitors they usually saw in person. . This was quite a change for the nonprofit organization, as the majority of their programs had traditionally taken place in person.

The staff created “Montshire at Home” to try to fill this void. The suite of programs includes online resources, such as downloadable home projects, activities, worksheets, and videos for parents and educators. There is also a series of virtual workshops, where educators teach programs that combine a kit prepared for carrying out a science project in a course broadcast live. The cost of each program varies. Topics range from exploring how objects fly, float and fall through the air to solar-powered creatures, which the museum is doing in partnership with the 2040 film screened at Hop as part of the Science on Screen series. . The virtual workshop series is a way for students to explore different areas of science under the guidance of a teacher, said Education Director Lisa Brahms.

“One good thing that has grown from the creation of the Montshire at Home series is to see the importance of real people, educators themselves and the role they play with our families and our visitors. “Brahms said. “These are the teachers that patrons have a relationship with and when they come back to the museum, they can continue to have that relationship with them.”

The Montshire remained open to visitors with limited capacity and with additional security protocols. Although the museum typically serves patrons on both sides of the river, due to state guidelines, New Hampshire residents were unable to visit the museum in person. YouTube and Pintrest have become the standard for connecting with the community, said Trish Palao, director of marketing and communications. They also took the opportunity to highlight the marginalized voices of the STEM community.

“It actually became this opportunity for us to expand our social media offerings and really think about how we connect with people and consider more carefully the information we share with people,” Palao said. .

Montshire continued to offer programs like the Science Discovery Lab and its weekly Science Story Time series with limited capacity. It will also continue to organize annual events like the popular igloo building on February 13. This year, ahead of the event, Montshire will be offering courses and resources on snow science and the cultural history of igloos. They also have a program to teach people how to build their own igloo at home. The event will be limited by state guidelines, but will be broadcast live for those who cannot attend in person.


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