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Top 7 Ways to Repurpose Webinars for More Chiropractic or Healthcare Content


Reuse webinars as they are great sources of content – reuse and restructure as many ways as possible to get more ROI

Although webinars are high on the list of effective content marketing, you might think this is a one-time event, but don’t stop there. Omnipress reports that nearly half of marketers surveyed plan to reuse webinars after their event ends.

How? You can reuse content from this webinar and continue to reach out to reinforce your message, discover and encourage new audiences, and create engagement that leads to additional ROI (ROI).

“The thought of adding more work to your to-do list might not make you jump for joy,” writes Steph Knapp for Zapier. “But the more content you can get from a single webinar, the better your ROI.”

Reuse webinars for greater impact

Here are some ways to reuse webinars on your digital platform:

Automated webinars. Our most beloved classic TV shows are turned into reruns. Turn the recording of this webinar into a scheduled webinar that takes place several times a year. You can get help with automated webinars through online webinar hosting services.

“Evergreen or top-of-funnel webinars are perfect candidates for creating hub pages,” says Knapp. “You can leave the webinar unclosed (for maximum SEO potential) and then link to related content below. Think of it as a content choice adventure page.”

Have it transcribed. Ask a transcription service to turn your recorded webinar into text. Use parts of the transcript to create engaging blog content. You can also embed portions of the webinar into the blog post and include instructions on how to register for a future or automated webinar.

“You can turn a ‘too long, didn’t watch’ webinar into a recap blog post with takeaways or important quotes,” says Knapp. “Since these posts will all follow a similar format, you can work from a standard template or outline to make it less uplifting.”

To book

Create eBooks. Webinar attendees might come away with a slew of notes and an overwhelming influx of information that is not retained. Offer an e-book or event manual that can be used to refresh their memories or be a value-added product for your practice.

“You can always take advantage of unsecured webinars to find new leads or grow your email list,” says Knapp. “You can do this by turning the webinar takeaways into a downloadable guide or offering supporting documents.”

Do a podcast. With permission from attendees, the webinar audio file may be turned into a podcast. Make sure all illustrative tools are explained or described in the podcast (you may need to reach out to the webinar speaker to record it and then insert it into the appropriate timeline). Or create a podcast on a particular topic presented in the webinar, adding information or asking a podcast panel to speak on the topic.

clip it

Use pliers. Edit and cut the recorded webinar and post one-minute short films on Facebook or other social media sites. You can increase your social media audience and encourage them to attend an automated webinar scheduled in the future.

“Did a guest share an interesting quote? said Knapp. “Or did the host offer a summary of top tips? Cutting short snippets of a webinar makes it easier to share across channels. You can use basic video editing software to add a catchy title and subs -titles to make it more accessible, then share it on social networks or by e-mail.

Use as social media content. Did your webinar answer some frequently asked questions? Attach questions and answers to a short clip (15-60 seconds) or image from the webinar and post to social media sites. If you included an interactive poll during your webinar or a speaker offered valuable insights, share them with infographics. Grab these nuggets of information and compile them into easy-to-read infographics with 3-5 tips and some colorful illustrations.

Watch the birdie. Be sure to ask attendees to tweet unique hashtag comments during your webinar. Then search the hashtag and retweet the best of the best. You will be engaged with your customers and you can offer valuable information to those who were unable to attend.

Repurpose webinars as they are great sources of content. Reuse and restructure it in any way you can to get more ROI and grow your practice.

“Once you’ve taken your webinar and turned it into several different pieces of content, keep an eye on how each piece is performing,” says Knapp. “You will learn a lot about what resonates with your audience.”