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Top 10 programming language bootcamps to watch in 2021



by Sayantani Sanyal

November 17, 2021

Nowadays, any innovative technology requires the use of at least one programming language.

Online bootcamps are professionally designed training programs that provide the skills and experience necessary for various technical and other related positions. Each year, thousands of tech aspirants sign up for these bootcamps to hone desired skills and gain the experience required to embark on a career in this particular field. Programming languages ​​are usually taught as part of coding. Coding bootcamps are great for anyone interested in programming and web development. The best coding bootcamps offer learning flexibility, high returns on investment, and multiple student support facilities. In this article, we’ve listed the 10 best programming language bootcamps you can attend in 2021.

  • Coding dojo: Coding Dojo provides a platform where learners gain knowledge and experience through hands-on exposure. Primarily, students learn the basics of programming through the JavaScript language. Then, they apply these fundamentals in a different programming language that deepens their understanding. This process allows students to develop their concepts from different situations and applications.
  • Bottéga: Bottega organizes remote technology bootcamps in mobile application development and web development. The web development bootcamp mainly focuses on Python and React. Bottega also offers a bootcamp on front-end development. Full-time programs last approximately 12 weeks and part-time programs 40 weeks. Bottega’s introductory preparatory course allows beginners to start developing their skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Flatiron School: The Flatiron School curriculum focuses on training in JavaScript and Ruby, as well as various other programming languages ​​for coding. Students can participate in test-based labs and exhibit their skills using blogs and tech portfolios. The program also offers networking and career coaching opportunities, as well as industry preparation through mock job interviews.
  • Reflexive : Thinkful is a branch of the American educational technology company called Chegg. The bootcamp is divided into two parts: engineering immersion and engineering flex. The program requires applicants to clear their admissions interview to become eligible for the bootcamp. The dedicated team of mentors will focus on providing daily guidance throughout the program and beyond.
  • Quarry foundry: Career Foundry offers advanced online programs in data analysis, web development, user experience, and user interface design. It also provides programs specifically designed for front-end web development and voice user interface design. All of the programs offered are flexible so that students can learn on their schedule. Applicants can work with mentors to build their professional portfolio through practical projects assigned throughout the program.
  • Fullstack Academy: Fullstack Academy offers online bootcamps on cybersecurity, web development and data analysis. It is a remote program where students spend their days watching live demonstrations and collaborating with their peers to participate in workshops and projects. Coding students are responsible for creating several applications during the bootcamp.
  • Refresh: This platform offers a professional educational experience that mainly focuses on full stack web development including JavaScript, SQL, GIT and others. Actualize offers both distance and in-person learning procedures, using the same immersive, project-centric program. It trains students in the professional world and offers a career coaching period after the normal course duration.
  • The cart : This is a programming bootcamp that takes place in over 37 different locations and has helped over 6,000 people learn coding so far. One of the advantages of this program is that it is product-oriented, which means that students are encouraged and trained to build multiple web applications throughout the course. It allows students to best develop their coding skills.
  • Springboard: Springboard has a unique approach that allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can use material and recorded videos created by mentors as they work on all learning material. After completing the program within six months, graduates receive a certificate that enables them to present their potential to their employers.
  • Bytes academy: Byte is one of the few academies to offer fintech bootcamps. It offers programs like fintech, data science, and Python. In fact, students can also choose their industrial preferences in each program and learn accordingly. In addition to academic learning, Byte supports work placements through resume review, branding, and public speaking.

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