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ThriveDX partners with the University of Chicago to offer cybersecurity bootcamps


The partnership aims to fill the cyber skills gap by equipping learners with in-demand skills through its cybersecurity curriculum

Miami, Fla., Nov. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ThriveDX, the global leader in cybersecurity and digital skills training and cyber talent creation, is proud to announce the new partnership with the University of Chicago to provide the Chicago area with cybersecurity bootcamp training. The 400-hour training program equips program participants with the fundamental skills and real-world experience to pursue a career in cybersecurity in less than a year.

ThriveDX partners with leading academic institutions, businesses, and governments around the world to offer advanced professional development programs in cybersecurity and digital technology. The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is a new non-credit certificate program at the University of Chicago consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Powered by ThriveDX, the program is designed to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals in the greater Chicago area. This partnership will provide learners in the Chicago area with access to accelerated learning opportunities for those looking to transition into the cybersecurity and digital skills workforce.

A recent survey of cybersecurity skills gaps by Fortinet found that 80% of organizations worldwide have experienced one or more breaches that they could attribute to a lack of cybersecurity skills and/or awareness. Additionally, the survey showed that a key factor in this is that organizations are struggling to find and retain certified cybersecurity talent and that the shortage of qualified cybersecurity candidates creates additional risks for their organizations.

“Our award-winning solutions exist to close the cybersecurity skills gap, and by joining forces with partners like the University of Chicago, we’re working toward our shared goal of closing the cybersecurity skills gap and creating a pipeline of diverse talent through our extensive safety training suite,” said Dan Vigdor, co-founder and executive chairman of ThriveDX.

Throughout the program, which is divided into introductory and in-depth courses, learners will be introduced to a comprehensive curriculum that details the fundamentals of cybersecurity through instructor-led virtual lessons and experiential learning and practice. Upon completion of the introductory course, students gain a full understanding of what the Extended Cybersecurity Curriculum entails in order to assess whether the Extended Curriculum aligns with their career goals.

The courses in the extended program are grouped into three main sections, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Infrastructure, and Advanced Cybersecurity. One of the most unique aspects of the cybersecurity program is the proprietary experiential learning platform called TDX Arena, an online learning platform where learners perform simulations of world hacking scenarios real. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared for a variety of different roles in the cybersecurity field.

“There is a huge need for high quality cybersecurity training. By combining the expertise of the University of Chicago with the technical experience and platform of ThriveDX, we believe we can provide students with a distinctive learning experience that will help them prepare for in-demand jobs that contribute to the cybersecurity domain,” said Mary Morley Cohen. , executive director of the University of Chicago Professional Education.

Enrollment for the program began on October 31, and the first cybersecurity program at the University of Chicago is scheduled to launch on January 9, 2023. For more information on enrollment, visit https://digitalskills.uchicago.edu/.

About ThriveDX

ThriveDX is the global leader in cybersecurity education and an expert in providing cybersecurity training to develop and retrain lifelong learners. Our teams are comprised of military-trained cybersecurity experts, industry veterans, and seasoned educators united to close the global cybersecurity skills and talent gap. Operating in two divisions – education and enterprise – ThriveDX’s award-winning solutions exist to fill the skills gap and impact the talent shortage in the cybersecurity and technology industry in general.

The education sector partners with leading academic institutions, businesses and public administrations around the world to offer advanced professional development programs in cybersecurity and digital technology. The Enterprise arm (formulated by companies formerly known as Cybint Solutions, Kontra Application Security, Lucy Security, ThriveDX Labs, and HackerU Pro), is a suite of products and services that cater to non-technical employees, developers, to IT professionals and anyone in between. For more information, visit https://thrivedx.com/

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