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The College of Eastern Idaho will offer part-time coding bootcamps


The following is a press release from the College of Eastern Idaho.

IDAHO FALLS – New non-credit coding bootcamps are now offered through Workforce Training and Continuing Education at the College of Eastern Idaho (WTCE, CEI) in partnership with Promineo Tech. The 18-week course structure gives students all the practical skills and tools they need to start a career or change careers in the technology industry.

Information technology jobs are the fastest growing occupations with an exciting 21% increase in software development over the next decade. Students who enroll in coding bootcamps will focus on building career-oriented skills to enter the high-demand tech industry. Graduates of the programs are passionate problem solvers who will be well prepared for entry-level positions in a variety of roles such as Java Developer, Software Engineer, and Application Developer.

“Workforce training and continuing education at CEI has a long history of serving learners, our community and our industry partners,” said Jennifer Lopez, Cyber, Technology and STEM Program Manager. , WTCE, IEC. “In 2019, we set ourselves the goal of increasing the number of value-added offers we could offer learners and we worked hard to form partnerships with educational groups whose objectives correspond to ours. Promineo Tech understands the importance of meeting learners where they are and providing them with opportunities that won’t break the bank.We’re excited to explore these coding bootcamps with learners as we work to create multiple pathways to careers in computing and technology.” The COVID-19 crisis has drawn attention to the need for affordable training to help job seekers find fulfilling employment opportunities. The demand for skilled workers in the tech industry has continued to grow, and these bootcamp programs provide an accessible, high-quality solution.

“Last year’s rapid economic change has created huge demand among those who want to retrain,” said Nick Suwyn, founder of Promineo Tech. “Bringing these bootcamp programs to Idaho is a great opportunity to improve workforce acceleration within the state, especially in the increasingly in-demand field of technology. . We are delighted to work with CEI to accomplish this.

The part-time schedule and online work of these programs are designed to accommodate professionals and adult learners with varying skill levels. The Back and Front End software development programs are open to the public and are currently accepting new student enrollment in the February and March cohorts.

To learn more about attending or offering a coding bootcamp, visit https://www.promineotech.com/ceicodingbootcamps.

About College of Eastern Idaho Workforce Training and Community Education

The Workforce Training & Continuing Education (WTCE) division is committed to providing quality courses and training programs to meet the educational needs of Eastern Idaho. The programs are designed to promote regional economic development by meeting employers’ needs for skilled workers and to help individuals acquire the skills and knowledge needed to obtain employment or professional development. The division also strives to provide a variety of courses that allow students to pursue hobbies and non-professional interests.

Short-term specialized training programs are available in the broad areas of apprenticeship, business and office technology, environmental safety and health, trades, foreign languages, arts and crafts, of health and well-being.

The WTCE Division plays an active role in providing the skills and customized job training needed to promote economic development opportunities in eastern Idaho. The College works closely with regional economic development agencies such as REDI for Eastern Idaho, the Development Company, Regional Development Alliance, and the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. CEI staff will assist businesses and industry in seeking employee skills training funds available through the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund.

About Promineo Tech

Promineo Tech is an education-as-a-service provider that partners with community colleges to offer coding bootcamps and related technology training. Their mission is to make technology education affordable, accessible, and low-risk for everyone so that everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives through learning. They teach people the skills to enter and succeed in high-demand technology fields such as the software development industry. Learn more at PromineoTech.com.