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The best coding bootcamps in Europe in 2022


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A lot of people might feel old in 2022 (remember how the 2012 London Olympics look like they happened yesterday? The 10th anniversary YouTube promo video could drop anytime), but getting old and grumpy shouldn’t stop anyone. to try to become a programmer.

With an ever more demanding technological market, researchers expect the German IT market to reach US$129 billion in 2025, boosting tech jobs worldwide. If you’re interested in changing careers, bootcamps might be the fastest path to learning programming from scratch.

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Bootcamps promise to teach students how to learn to code quickly, and such audacity has earned them their bad fame. But, to come to the facts, bootcamps are a practical instrument for professionals – from any discipline – trying to pivot to programming.

Statistics show that the median age of bootcamp students is 31 – so you won’t feel alone in your aging blues. And nearly 8 in 10 bootcamp students landed a job within six months of completing the course in 2020. That’s a telling number, especially since in 2020 most of the world had to adapt to working (and learning) in a purely remote environment. way, where personal connections have to be replaced by after-hours cocktails hosted on lo-fi Zoom calls.

Bootcamps are incredibly famous for connecting people: students can become business partners and develop their code in a commercial approach right after the course ends. That’s why, in 2021, bootcamps like Le Wagon have increased their employment figures at an impressive 93%just one month after the end of the course.

Many bootcamps in Europe offer a blended multi-site or online model. There are specifications that differentiate each coding school, such as curriculum, total investment, course duration, admission process, etc. -Cloud integrator.

Here are some of the best coding bootcamps to attend in Europe in 2022:

1. Le Wagon (Berlin, Cologne, Munich and more)

If you were secretly planning to attend a coding bootcamp just to move to another city and get a fresh start, first make sure that The cart does not have a campus in your city. This excellent coding bootcamp has campuses spread across 44 cities. Twenty-three of these campuses are in Europe, including Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Le Wagon offers full-time (nine weeks) and part-time (six months) courses, primarily on full-stack web development and data science.

Wagon graduates from their European campuses often find employment just 34 days after completing their courses. On the other hand, Le Wagon’s network of more than 6,000 alumni is expected to be bolstered by distance-only graduates: Le Wagon offers web development and data science courses as part of their distance Bootcamp mode, which is experienced as a live conference. Le Wagon already claims that its alumni community numbers more than 13,000 people. Not a bad number to network with!

Look at our Documentary Bootcamp Coding with the students of Le Wagon.

2. Spicy (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart)

Spicy is a more boutique alternative to the Wagon. With campuses in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Stuttgart, as well as the ability to take courses online, Spiced offers two twelve-week programs: one on web development, the other on data science. But they are about to add a third option: Data Analytics. This nine-week course will help heavy spreadsheet users — with no programming experience — crack the codes behind data insights. The program includes topics such as Python basics, exploring various datasets, statistics, visualization, storing data on PostgreSQL, and dashboards.

3. Coders Lab (Krakow and other locations)

Hailing from the country that graced the entertainment industry with video games such as The Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077, Coder lab is a, well, heavy coding bootcamp. Founded in Poland in 2013, it now has campuses in more than five countries. Coders Lab offers a median of 188.5 hours of live lessons with a guest speaker – 50% more than other bootcamps. It might take a muscular and athletic brain to pull it off, but the eight-week bootcamp promises to prepare students for a career as a developer and thus pay for the hectic days of coding. Coders Lab offers courses in Python and JavaScript development and has a network of 8,000 alumni.

4. Academia de Código (Lisbon and other locations)

In Portuguese, reprogramar means “to reprogram something”, but it also means to reconnect something. Academy of Código, an extended bootcamp experienced in different cities of Portugal, promises to reconnect your life for a fresh start. If you attend their 14-week bootcamp, you’ll go from a coding newbie to an employable full-stack developer. This is because bootcamp has 7 day weeks with days around 13 hours in length (I guess they put ‘bootcamp’ in bootcamp).

As their webpage puts it, “coding takes work”: fourteen weeks equals 650 hours of total immersion—or what it would take to travel twelve round trips from Berlin to Lisbon. But, as they also explain, coding “gets jobs”.

5. Founders and Coders (London)

Founders and Coders promises to train you in people skills and web development tools – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, project management – in a twelve-week bootcamp. Based in London, Founders and Coders is a non-profit bootcamp. This means that their courses are tuition-free, so you shouldn’t worry about converting your hard-earned savings into British pounds. Guided by their core values ​​of “cooperation, inclusion and social impact”, the bootcamp is very selective about its students, but it always welcomes people from all walks of life. Founders and Coders is expected to be held online and begin in March, but check their website for any updates on in-person classes.