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Tech company Lancaster launches new series of free e-bootcamps


Following the success of its skills boot camp in 2021, which is part of a nationwide pilot program for the government, Tech Lancaster is running further intensive 12-week “blended” online/offline skills programs to help participants acquire key skills in electech and electronics.

This helps participants quickly find new or improved careers in local design and manufacturing companies with skills shortages. Those who complete the Skills Bootcamp are guaranteed an interview with a local employer.

Upcoming Skills Boot Camps also offer specialized learning in Internet of Things, Power Electronics, and Hardware/Industrial Cybersecurity, all with a hands-on approach.

A Tech Lancaster training workshop.

Tech Lancaster was established in 2020, and its pilot skills bootcamp has been heavily oversubscribed, helping more than 40 participants progress to new or enhanced jobs at electronic design and manufacturing companies.

It has also strengthened collaboration between local companies and helped lay the foundations for the formation of the Electroch Innovation Pole, which now has more than 22 member companies.

No previous experience is necessary but the team seeks to find participants with a good technical or practical aptitude.

The free courses are great for people who like to take things apart and who have a methodical, hands-on approach to problem solving – key traits needed for electech careers. Tech Lancaster would especially like to reach people who have never considered a career in electronics as well as people already working in technical jobs who want to upskill in a new field.

An electronics design engineer creating a circuit board.

To enroll you must live in Lancashire, be 19+ (including retired and looking for a new job) and be able to commit to a 12 week program with a minimum of 60 hours of apprenticeship flexible (including evenings).

Councilor Tim Hamilton-Cox, Lancaster City Council’s Cabinet Member for Sustainable Economic Prosperity, said: “Tech Lancaster is an exciting skills development opportunity for all, supported by highly innovative local businesses that can inspire and help people to pursue rewarding careers.

“Following the success of their first bootcamp, Tech Lancaster continues its ground-breaking work, leading the UK nationally in electronics training, with a particular focus on clean and energy-efficient green technologies – both of which are hugely important to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

“I have been very enthusiastic about supporting Tech Lancaster from the start: building a highly skilled economy in key high growth areas is key to driving inward investment, creating well-paying jobs and sustainable economic recovery in the region.”

Learn how to build a circuit board in a training workshop.

Craig Smith, Managing Director of Lancaster-based Mazuma Mobile, said, “Electech skills are key to the success of our business, and we’re very excited about the prospect of this new Tech Lancaster bootcamp. This will provide Lancashire residents with the opportunity to gain a foothold in the industry by learning valuable skills for free.

“Our electronics repair teams require specialist hands-on skills to help repair and refurbish consumer electronics and we are confident that Tech Lancaster can meet our recruitment needs as we expand. In the coming months.”

The latest Skills Bootcamps have been developed in conjunction with some of the region’s most innovative companies including LiNa Energy, NanoSUN, Entrust Microgrid, Mazuma Mobile, NHT Electronics and Milliamp Technologies and are supported by the Department of Education through Lancashire THE P. Tech Lancaster is also looking for other industry partners with skills shortages to help further develop Skills Bootcamps.

Registration closes in a few weeks – to learn more and sign up for this unique free learning experience that could lead to a new or improved career in electech and electronics, visit www.tech-lancaster.org.uk and click ‘Apply here’.

A guided Tech Lancaster online lab with a tutor.

The first 12-week program begins September 26.

An information event will take place at the Lancaster Job Center between 10am and midday on Wednesday 31 August, with people invited to call 0345 6588674 to register their interest in attending.

Tech Lancaster was formed in 2020 to address a shortage of technicians and engineers in the electrical/electronics industry around the Lancaster district.

He brought together a number of local businesses to understand their skills needs and won the opportunity to lead the way nationwide as part of a UK government skills boot camp pilot scheme – a new method of intensive learning in priority sectors across the UK.