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Tech Bootcamps at USU Provide Training for High-Paying Jobs – Cache Valley Daily


A national tech education provider is partnering with Utah State University to offer tech training boot camps in Utah.

Utah State online director Kevin Shanley said Fullstack Academy in New York State approached USU with a working agreement that would allow them to reach a specific audience and validate their programs.

“Our role is to coordinate marketing and recruiting with them,” Stanely explained, “to bring in students and we will provide continuing education credits to students who complete the programs.”

Shanley said the new program will attract more adult learners looking to retrain or change careers.

“Registration will start in December and bootcamps will actually start next spring, like April or May,” he added. “And the anticipation is that students will be able to complete the program part-time while working and supporting their families, and once they graduate, they should be able to pursue full-time careers in the tech industry.

Shanley said more than 6,400 net new technology jobs are expected in Utah and Fullstack claims a very high job placement rate.

“They say they place nearly 80% of people who complete the program, 80% of them are placed in high-paying technology positions at Fortune 500 companies.”

Shanley said the program is completely online and costs nearly $12,000, which covers everything including books, tuition and fees.

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