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Stress Awareness Month Wellness Consultants Online Workshops


WITH the coronavirus pandemic having a profound impact on people’s mental health, a wellness consultancy will be hosting online workshops throughout ‘Stress Awareness Month’ in April.

Zoe Flint launched Work.Live.Thrive Wellbeing Consultancy in Colchester in 2017 to provide emotional support to businesses and individuals.

The 42-year-old previously had a senior management career in the third sector, but tried to hide her battle with mental health for fear of repercussions.

Eventually, keeping the facade got unmanageable, and Zoe spent the following years relentlessly researching the latest evidence of what causes mental health issues and what works to keep us thriving.

Desperate to share what she had discovered with others, Zoe started a wellness consulting firm and embarked on her journey to transform both the workplace and the individual.

The company has now worked with a range of organizations including the NHS, Chartered Insurance Institute, University of Essex and MS-UK and has run courses on mindfulness, happiness and mental health.

Zoe, who lives in Colchester, said: “I have spent 20 years battling severe anxiety and depression, so I have a deep understanding of the impact of mental health and wellness issues on the individual, the family, the workplace and the community as a whole.

“I also know what works to help individuals recover and businesses thrive, so I am delighted to be able to share this knowledge in a way that is accessible to everyone. ”

“Providing training and services in well-being and mental health is our daily bread.

“Faced with the enormous pressure on the services provided by the community and associations, we are delighted to be able to open our workshops free of charge to the general public and to local businesses, and we sincerely hope that they will provide useful and cutting-edge tools. technology. it will make a difference in our community.

Zoe runs free workshops throughout April that include writing a wellness and happiness strategy for working moms.

They will be delivered by Zoe and there will also be a Q&A during the sessions.

The workshops will be delivered live via Zoom every Wednesday in April from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

To find out more, visit worklivethrive.co.uk.


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