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Stay up to date with Workplace Tech by attending free webinars


The Learn IT @ Lunch webinar series is underway with free lunchtime training sessions on nine technology topics.

Held Wednesdays at noon, the one-hour live workshop series hosted by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides staff and faculty with expert insights into the tools that have become l remote work backbone, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LinkedIn Learning and Box and more.

The next session will take place on January 26 and will feature Stephen Toback, Media Architect and Senior Producer for Academic Media Production for Duke OIT, who will provide tips on creating videos for beginners. It’s one of the few new topics in this year’s programming, which also covers how to use LinkedIn Learning to add skills that will help in a changing workplace (February 9) and how to use Zoom for team building. teams (March 23).

The sessions, streamed on Zoom, will run until May 4 and will also cover traditionally popular topics such as how to make your online meetings more accessible (March 9) and how to get the most out of Box (April 6).

“I think people tend to rely on this series,” said Trina Rodriguez, training and education coordinator for Duke OIT, which runs the workshops. “Even though we have been using Microsoft Teams since the start of the pandemic, our workshops on it still attract 50 or 60 people. I think it shows that people are always looking for new answers. I see it as a resource for people to get that information and learn more about the things they touch. »

See the full schedule.

If you have topics you would like to see covered in a future webinar, contact Trina Rodriquez at [email protected]

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