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See fitness bootcamps all over your Instagram feeds? here’s why



In March 2020, I had only returned from Australia three months ago and returned with a new love for exercise. I loved working out in a class with people of different experience levels, receiving that personalized attention from the trainer for my form and thriving in the 45 minute class with an adrenaline-boosting playlist. . As soon as I managed to find my rhythm and get into a daily schedule in Mumbai, we went into lockdown. A year later, training was far from a priority. Health was still there with a solid diet in place, but I just hadn’t been able to workout in front of a computer screen. A friend suggested that I try the BoxFit 21 Day Virtual Workout Challenge, so I signed up and within the first week I was hooked.

I never missed a class, looked forward to the intense burn and saw my body forming with every squat and jab and there was no turning back. I posted a daily workout update to my Instagram profile for accountability reasons and by the end of my challenge there were at least 10 friends who signed up and loved it just as much as I did. Since last year, new fitness based companies have emerged that cater only to the online market and offline exercise programs have been brought online. Here’s how fitness boot camps took on the new normal and made home training a really fun part of our day.

The Emergence of Online Training Challenges During the Pandemic

Closed fitness studios and gyms meant only one thing: the natural change to offer exercise options online. While some fitness programs, like Mumbai-based The Tribe, started digitally and only saw the light of day during the lockdown, others, like Mumbai-based Sohrab Khushrushahi’s SOHFIT, already had a presence. in line. “We had our first online challenge in April 2019, almost a year before the pandemic. After the lockdown we started online bootcamps and virtual personal workouts, both of which worked well, ”says the Mumbai-based fitness expert, whose 40 Day Challenge also saw celebrities like Alia Bhatt get on board. The Physique57 bar-based workout studio has also made the move to online workouts, now hosting a comprehensive list of 10 different classes per day for all fitness levels, none of which require the installation of a bar at home. The program I signed up for, the BoxFit Movie Star Body Project 21 Day Challenge, also popped up during the lockdown after the boxing-based training studio noticed an increase in engagement with their Instagram Live workouts which were free for all.

Why do fitness bootcamps work?

“Bootcamps as an exercise format are extremely engaging and fun,” says Karan Sawhney, Mumbai-based former professional footballer, fitness expert and co-founder of The Tribe. “They promote high levels of healthy competition. Since they link exercise circuits with time intervals, they are great for building strength and endurance. They can be made with minimal or no equipment, which also makes them very practical. Without a doubt, the hardest part of training is the push you need to get started, whether it is for the first time or after a long break since your last workout. “I think people like a challenge and they think bootcamps and other fitness programs will provide the extra motivation and drive they need to achieve their fitness goals,” says Mallika Parekh, Mumbai-based health expert. and welfare and owner of Physique57. in India. “The feeling of belonging to a community also helps,” adds Khushrushahi. “It’s also the quick and pragmatic approach to the workouts themselves that keeps people from getting bored. They don’t really have time to think or look at the watch.