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‘Screaming at her like it’s insane’: Rick Macci on Richard’s mental workouts at Venus Williams


In their early days, Venus Williams and Serena Williams were trained to perfection by their trainers Rick Macci and Richard Williams. Both coaches came up with unique methods to train the Williams sisters to withstand all circumstances while playing on the court.


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Remembering the early days, Rick Macci often tells stories of the two sisters’ training days. One such story is the “57 Chevy”. Today, February 10, he took to his Youtube channel, telling the whole story.


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The story was a narration of how Venus Williams’ father and trainer, Richard Williams, came up with a unique idea to make her mentally stronger.


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Star trainer Macci begins to tell the story as he repots the scene. He said, “Richard had a 57 chevy and he pulled it to short 13 and he said -> ‘Rick, can you get Venus to play a cheater today?’

Venus Williams and the ’57 Chevy’ Story

Taking it on a lighter note, Macci agrees saying everyone cheats, and that’s okay. However, it wasn’t as pleasant as it seemed to Rick as Richard explained, “Let her play a 17 year old boy, I want her to lose 6-0. Tell the guy if the ball hits the line I want the guy to cheat on it on purpose. Richard wanted Venus to be tricked on purpose.

Macci then opens up on the match scene as Venus Williams plays a 16-year-old boy. macci says, “They go to court 13 and before it starts Richard parks his car right next to the court, not even in a parking lot. He parks on the grass. He lifts the hood because he keeps his foot on the accelerator to rev the engine.


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Opening up about the situation, Rick said, “He (Richard) turns on the music. It’s so strong that it interferes with the whole academy. He takes, like six bottles of Budweiser beer, throws them in the backcourt, not in the field and he says ‘V, don’t back down’. Rick wants you to stay close to this baseline as you keep moving forward. You step back, you’re going to get cut.

He also adds: “He breaks broken glass there, he is purposely deceived by someone. The music is loud. They play a game, it’s like 6-0,6-0. She throws a ball, he goes, “Hello, VW’. HE yells at her and it’s like madness.

However, considering the big picture, Rick understands Richard and his vision. He says, “Building fiber, building character, is building others. It’s not, but that’s for the future.

Appreciating the thinking skills of Richard Williams, sensational trainer Rick Macci says: “The whole academy saw what was happening, but this was Richard Williams at his best.”

The relationship between Rick Macci and Richard Williams

Although there had been early rumors of an unpleasant relationship between the two, Rick clarified the situation a few months ago. In an interview, Rick said: “What people say or what they read is tabloid…. We were a family, I wasn’t just the trainer for Venus or Serena.


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He then talked about reuniting with the Williams family on the “King Richard” red carpet. He said, “Everyone was laughing, (there were) a few tears, we went back to the past. There were no problems. »

Rick Macci and Venus Williams separated in the early years. However, his training helped Venus become one of the best players in the history of the sport. Keeping Rick’s lessons in mind, Venus rode through her formative years, winning her first Grand Slam at just 20 years old. Two years later, she also became the world No. 1.


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Venus has a total of 49 singles titles, 7 of which are Grand Slams. She also held the top spot for 11 weeks.

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