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Scottish SMEs win big as Amazon bootcamps boost 12,000 businesses



Amazon’s Small Business Accelerator reached historic highs helping thousands of Scottish SMEs develop their digital skills during Covid-19.

Working with the UK’s small business support network, Enterprise Nation, Amazon offers bootcamp events to around 200,000 UK small businesses, including 12,000 based in Scotland.

The program was set up in July 2020 in response to the impact of the pandemic on the startup and SME community. Amazon has said it will continue to provide this support until 2021.

A recent survey of 500 UK SMEs showed that Scottish companies are getting closer to London growth, with 42% now seeing themselves as “growing” compared to 43% in London.

Data suggests that more than half (55%) of Scottish SMEs plan to increase their investments in digital infrastructure over the next year, up from less than half last year (43%), 80% are saying “optimistic” for the coming year.

Around 81% of UK SMEs said they had invested in digital skills in the past year, while 78% said they would appreciate free training and skills to support their growth.


Nudie Snacks, based in East Ayrshire, is one such company that has benefited from the program.

The company, which sells snacks and boxes of plant-based food to UK offices, was in a positive position before the pandemic.

However, sales ‘fell off a cliff’ once Covid hit, with offices and other workplaces shutting down.

Over the past year, Nudie Snacks has focused on selling on the Amazon Marketplace and has seen its revenue start growing again.

Company founder Tracey Hogarth commented, “The pandemic forced us to sit down and reassess how we were going to adapt and survive. Our sales fell 95% after lockdown began, and we knew we had to find a solution.

“Amazon Marketplace has been a blessing and has allowed us to continue to sell throughout the pandemic and to present our products to a wide audience.

“We are still learning how to get the most out of selling online, but we are confident that Amazon will allow us to grow in these unprecedented times. “

Scottish SMEs

Commenting on the support for UK businesses, John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager at Amazon, said: “One year after the launch of Amazon Small Business Accelerator, it is encouraging to look back on the resilience, adaptability and innovation that continues. to feed the British community. startups and small businesses.

“After surpassing our initial goal of supporting over 200,000 businesses, we still see a constant flow of entrepreneurs armed with new ideas, ready to take advantage of the training, tools and resources that we provide free to all small businesses. companies through Amazon. Small Business Accelerator.

Boumphrey continued: “The past year has shown that boosting digital skills can lead to better business resilience, and we are proud to play a role in helping UK small business owners and entrepreneurs unlock opportunities in the UK. country and abroad. “



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