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Rude Health’s Quaranteam to Offer Online Workshops


Food and beverage brand Rude Health has launched weekly online workshops to teach people how to make their products.

He has set up a “Quaranteam”, made up of employees and freelancers he usually works with at canceled events and trade shows, to lead the protests through Facebook Live.

The “Friday 5 o’clock Feeds” series is released on the Rude Health Facebook channel every Friday at 5 pm and the lineup is already being designed until May.

Recipes include sauerkraut and oat milk. The tutorials will show how consumers can prepare the foods and beverages they usually buy under normal circumstances but are deprived of due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some consumers cannot visit their regular supermarket, and others may find shelf-stable products such as oat milk in high demand.

Camilla Barnard, Brand Director and Co-Founder of Rude Health, said: “We all spend a lot more time at home and in our kitchens than ever before. This is a great opportunity to make sure we are all healthy. The series offers easy-to-follow recipes and ideas for anyone interested in preparing some of the foods and drinks they usually buy.

“We are also excited to use the series to support some of our partners, whose skills we have already used in many face-to-face events. For example, Robb Collins, a mixologist from the London Cocktail Club, will show everyone how easy it is to turn our dairy-free drinks into espresso martinis; Chefs in Schools, our charitable partner, will show us how to prepare an excellent meal from the cans in your cupboard; and Well Grounded will host a workshop on how to make barista-style coffees at home. “

The project is delivered internally.

Rude Health was scheduled to appear at Camp Kerala in Glastonbury, as well as Happy Place and the London Coffee Festival, all of which were canceled.