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PLANit Sarasota offers a free resource of coding bootcamps


A new curated list of coding bootcamps is made available as a free resource by PLANit Sarasota to help increase the number of Sarasota County residents, ages 18-24, who graduate with a certificate, diploma, or experience valuable training.

PLANit Sarasota is a group of education and youth service organizations and community partners focused on increasing the rate of area students pursuing post-secondary pathways, particularly among those who are historically under- represented in higher education.

“Video games and other applications have millions of lines of code, and people who enjoy writing those codes can earn good salaries even in entry-level jobs,” said Thomas Williams, director of PLANit Sarasota.

The three to six month courses offered by coding bootcamp providers are designed for students with no previous coding experience as well as those who wish to improve their skills. The vendors included in the new resource guide focus on training comprehensive software developers who combine front-end and back-end development.

According to information from coding bootcamp providers, graduates of online programs can earn a starting salary of around $ 49,000 in today’s market. Entry-level jobs can also be gateways to progressive and exciting careers that command salaries of up to $ 121,000 with proven experience and skills.

In addition to online coding bootcamps, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota, a partner of PLANit Sarasota, is offering three related courses this fall and plans to launch software developer and cybersecurity bootcamps in January 2022.

Links to coding bootcamp providers, as well as advice on payment and choosing a training provider, are available at EdFoundationSRQ.org/planit-sarasota/online-coding-bootcamps.

The Sarasota County Education Foundation is the lead organization for PLANit Sarasota, which serves as the access network to the local Sarasota College.

Submitted by Tracy Spalsbury


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