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Penn State Extension to Offer ‘Second Saturday Gardening Series’ Webinars | Events of regional interest


UNIVERSITY PARK – Penn State Extension will offer several webinars as part of its “Second Saturday Gardening Series,” which aims to bring gardening enthusiasts together to share experiences and offer guidance while learning helpful tips from Penn’s master gardeners State in Northumberland and Montour counties.

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Putting Your Garden to Bed” will take place from 10:00 to 11:30 am on Saturday, October 8th. The event is designed for beginners and experienced hobby gardeners. Organizers note that overwintering a garden properly can greatly improve the way the garden flourishes in the spring.

The webinar will cover lawn care, soil testing, storing summer bulbs, protecting winter plants, and providing winter habitats for beneficial insects.

Registration by 11:30 a.m. on October 8 is required to receive the link to access the webinar. Along with the $10 registration fee, attendees will also have access to the webinar recording and all materials provided by the instructors.

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Winter Planting,” a recorded webinar from the 2021-22 Winter Series, is aimed at homeowners as well as beginning and intermediate gardeners. The webinar is available until January 24 for $5.

Julie Neves, volunteer master gardener, will cover starting seeds to save costs, how to sow seeds during the winter months, and how to prepare a garden for spring.

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: New Year’s Resolutions for Your Yard,” another recorded webinar, aims to help attendees give their yard a landscaped new look for the New Year. Volunteer Master Gardener Carol Burke will discuss:

— Landscaping to enhance a house.

— How to plan landscaping ideas for spring.

— What to plant, when to plant and where to plant.

— Court makeover.

This recorded webinar is also available until 11:59 p.m. on January 24 for $5.

More information about the series is available on the Penn State Extension website. Additionally, attendees will soon be able to register online for future live webinars, and the organizers encourage those interested to seek out these upcoming events, all of which will take place from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.:

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Enjoying Holiday Plants,” November 12. Volunteer Master Gardener John Cooper will discuss the beyond of holiday plants. Participants can learn how to select and get the most out of holiday plants.

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Seed Starting Methods: An Overview,” December 10. Julie Neves, volunteer master gardener, will return to give more tips and ways to start the seeds. Attendees can learn about traditional and unconventional ways to start their own seedlings for their garden in 2023 and beyond.

• “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Houseplant Propagation,” January 14th. Volunteer Master Gardener Carol Burke will explain the basics of propagating houseplants by various methods.

• February brings another live webinar, titled “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Planting for Pollinators in Sun and Shade,” scheduled for February 11th. Volunteer Master Gardener John Colatch will return to provide more information on attracting pollinators as he learns how to choose the best plants for sun, shade, dry and wet areas.

• Finally, the winter programming for this series ends on March 11 with “Second Saturday Gardening Series: Composting: Getting Started and How to Use Your Final Product! Volunteer Master Gardener Michelle Walczak will explain what is needed to compost properly, what can and should not go into compost, and how best to use compost in the garden.

Each of the live webinars will cost $10 and will include the recording link and the link to a shared folder with downloadable and printable materials.