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Paytm Insider Witnesses Growth of Online Workshops in Various Categories | AFN News


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Paytm Insider Witnesses Growth of Online Workshops in Various Categories

Posted on July 29, 2021

Bombay: Widespread access to technology and the Internet has ensured a strong presence of online workshops on platforms such as Paytm Insider. The format is one of the most important categories on the ticketing platform, growing exponentially since last year.

Paytm Insider has carved out a place for itself in the digital space with its interactive and entertaining event formats. This was evident when the pandemic-induced lockdowns saw a paradigm shift from offline workshops to online workshops and the platform saw a 60% increase in digital workshop listings.

The main categories of workshops on the platform range from – music and dance, skill development (storytelling and poetry, acting and theater, writing, digital marketing, content creation, filmmaking, makeup), pass -time and passion (cooking and baking, beauty & fashion, sustainable living, gardening and home improvement), infotainment for children (science, technology, arts and personality development), health and mental well-being (yoga, mindfulness, meditation) to – financial management (personal finance, stock markets, cryptocurrency).

Deepti Bansal – Vice-president – Kommune India, says: “Digital learning has opened up a whole new world of audiences. Since people are no longer limited to workshops conducted in their neighborhood, the potential audience has grown considerably for workshop managers. We no longer target local people but target a global audience. Paytm Insider being extremely instrumental in helping us reach a newer and larger audience for our extended formats and topics, we believe digital workshops are the future.

Some of the popular workshops that have translated well online on the Paytm Insider platform include:

  1. Dance workshops led by Natya Social Dance, Shiamak Davar Performing Arts Institute and others.
  2. After School of Hip-hop by the Dharavi Dream Project | Music and street art workshops with Noxious D, Naezy, Divine, D-Cypher and many more.
  3. Lyrics, poetry, podcasting, scriptwriting and many more categories of workshops by Kommune featuring Roshan Abbas, Megha Rao, Satyanshu Singh, Yahya Bootwala and more.
  4. Coalition workshops (discussions and discussions for creators by creators) featuring influential names in the industry like Tanmay Bhatt, Amit Tandon, Sorabh Pant, Rajeev Masand and many more.
  5. Makeup masterclasses by MAC Cosmetics India.
  6. Culinary workshops organized by industry experts – Le15 with Chef Pooja Dhingra, Palate Culinary Academy hosted by Chef Rakhee Vaswani, Hunger Inc with Chef Heena Punwani and Chef Hussain Shahzad to name a few.
  7. Paytm Money – Finance & Investing Masterclasses provide expert advice, investment education and more.

Besides the free workshops, tickets range from 99, 299 to 499, with premium workshops priced at 999+

Natya Social Team said: “Switching from offline to online was uncertain, but adaptation to the digital platform was necessary. The connectivity offered by the digital medium has vitally contributed to the fulfillment of the students’ dream of learning with us and thus, paving the way for the growth of a global community in a seamless manner. In the future, we aim to activate the online course model in lockdown situations and teach dance to those who are passionate about it across the world without affecting income. “

Pooja Dhingra, Founder and CEO, Le15 noted, “I was initially apprehensive about online workshops, but the digital format worked well for us. The rapid adaptation to the online platform attracted a large audience who were delighted with the easy access to varied cuisines and chefs. The digital platform allowed us to get to know people from all over the world, the only downside being that we couldn’t taste the dishes we made in class. I look forward to exploring the future possibilities of an online experience, hosting more exciting workshops, and connecting people around the world with their shared love for food! “

The climax of the Internet and education has opened up a multitude of opportunities for people to learn new skills and update themselves. Online workshops cost relatively less and save time, providing better value for money and a rich learning experience for the audience. They are easily accessible as per his convenience from the comfort of his own home.

Varun Khare – Business Manager, Live Entertainment (IPS and Partnerships) – Paytm Insider, said, Various online workshops offered on our platform are now at people’s fingertips, transcending geographic boundaries and time zones. Workshops on financial management, cryptocurrency, theater, filmmaking, sustainable living, mental wellness and more have found a way to translate well digitally. The digital format also gives organizers the ability to host live workshops and video-on-demand masterclasses, facilitating increased opportunities for audience engagement and a truly rewarding experience.


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