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Online workshops from July 25 to August 5 to check!


Local Samosa is back with the weekly list of workshops to help you use your time in the best way. Sign up for one of these online workshops this week and improve your skills.

Explore these interesting online workshops and choose the one that suits you best. Learn how to crochet products, paint on fabric or try your hand at still life watercolor painting. Keep reading, because you can do a lot this week with these online workshops.

1. Crochet workshop by Amrutha

Aren’t crochet products too cute? Well, now you can make something for yourself or gift it to someone by signing up for this online workshop where entrepreneur and crochet expert Anitha Murugan will help you learn this creative craft.

When: July 25
DM for more details.

2. Fabric painting workshop by Rupa Arora

Brush up on your painting hobby and try your brush on fabric painting next week. Add a splash of color to your outfits and learn all about fabric painting from Rupa Arta who has been working professionally for 25 years.

When: July 25 to 28
DM for more details.

3. Resin Clock Workshop by Heart n Craft

Sign up for this online workshop and decorate your space with a stunning resin geode clock! Simona Dsouza is leading this workshop next week where you will learn about the procedure, resin basics, tips, tricks, how to mix pigments, pouring techniques and applying geodes.

When: July 31
DM for more details.

4. Rakhi Workshop by Mrignayani Creations

Rakhi is around the corner and make it special for your brother by attaching a rakhi that you have made by hand! This online workshop will help you learn how to make a lovely Rakhi and the materials will also be delivered to your doorstep. What’s better than that? So get creative this festive season.

When: July 30
DM for more details.

5. Brush calligraphy workshop by Letterati

Swing your brush with Surbhi who is a calligrapher, engraver and someone who has taught over 4,000 students to date. She leads this 4-day online workshop to cover everything you need to learn for brush calligraphy in detail. And so, write beautifully next week.

When: August 1 to 4
DM for more details.

6. Watercolor Workshop by Ranchi

Grab your brushes, paint a beautiful watercolor and bring back the nostalgia of painting. Ranchi Fineart will help you learn different aspects of still life watercolor painting in this online workshop and so if you like this art, sign up.

When: From August 5
DM for more details.

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