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Online workshops for Nunavik youth start this week


Key Mental and Physical Health and Culture Aspects of the 30 Day Series

Online workshops for youth on health and culture are now offered by Nurrait–Jeunes Karibus. (Photo via Nurrait–Young Karibus Facebook)

By Nunatsiaq News

Over the next month, young people in Nunavik will be able to participate in online workshops focused on physical and mental well-being and culture, in a time that isolates many people.

In response to the social distancing measures in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor intervention youth organization Nurrait–Jeunes Karibus has developed a series of video workshops which launched on Monday, April 27.

The workshops are aimed at young people aged 12 to 20 and revolve around five themes: getting in shape, taking care of yourself, feeling good, enjoying culture and sharing.

For example, a fitness workshop can involve a directed workout for ski training (no skis needed) or a workout using household items, like the couch, said Valerie Raymond, director general of Nurrait–Jeunes Karibus in Kuujjuaq.

Another session is about emotions and how to respect other people’s emotions, as well as managing your own.

In general, the workshops last about 30 minutes. Some, however, encourage participants to undertake activities outside of the workshop time.

In one segment, participants are asked to describe some of the traditional activities they see happening around them and are encouraged to participate.

There will be 30 workshops in total, and young people can participate whenever they want by registering for nurraitjeuneskaribus.com using their email or Facebook account.

After completing a workshop, participants will find that additional segments will be unlocked.

Once the workshop series picks up steam, Raymond said they hope to introduce group chat functionality and host live events with attendees.