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Numerade offers free STEM bootcamps for summer learning


Unlike traditional tutoring or education camps, Numerade’s summer bootcamps are free and give students 24/7 access to video lessons, making them ideal for students who want to learn concepts in short time rather than committing to long-term camps or courses. . Bootcamps are divided into themed modules, and each topic consists of several video lectures in which expert STEM educators walk students through the concepts in step-by-step whiteboard-style explanations.

“Numerade is proud to give students free access to online bootcamps created by some of the best educators in the world,” said Nhon Ma, CEO and Founder of Numerade. “With 18 subject-specific bootcamps, including introductory and advanced courses, students can learn the basics and master more advanced concepts in their chosen fields of study. This makes our bootcamps the perfect tool for students who need to catch up academically, as well as those who want to move forward and take their education to the next level.”

Numerade also provides additional resources for students, including the largest online library of STEM video solutions and its social test prep app. StudyPartywhere users can study with other students.

About Numerade

Numerade was founded in Los Angeles in 2018 with the aim of making the knowledge and skills of world-class STEM educators widely accessible and affordable to students from all backgrounds. Today, more than 50,000 educators have created content on Numerade and 60 million students have used the platform.

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