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Northumbria University Launches New Skills Bootcamps to Connect People to Construction Jobs


This is part of a program run by the Institute of Coding of 20 Skills Bootcamps.

The Institute of Coding (IoC) is a national collaborative consortium of industries, educators and outreach service providers working together to close the digital skills gap in the UK by providing digital skills training led by employers. The IoC consortium, which is led by the University of Bath, was announced today by the government as the provider of the Department of Education (DfE) skills training camps.

Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses lasting up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to acquire technical skills and access an interview with an employer faster. They are developed by the government as part of the lifelong skills guarantee and employment plan, in partnership with employers, providers and local authorities. Skills Bootcamps will provide learners with top-notch digital skills training and offer resilient journeys to work, with learners having the opportunity to interview with an employer upon successful completion of their Skills Bootcamp.

As part of this arrangement, the University of Northumbria received £ 800,000 to organize a series of two 16-week skills training courses called Data Scientist skills bootcamp under construction and Software Skills Bootcamp (Architectural Engineer / Technician Plus).

the Data Scientist skills bootcamp under construction The course is aimed at those working in the construction industry, with an emphasis on digital construction. The Skills Bootcamps will teach data science technologies and techniques, covering the following topics:

  • The role of coding in the construction industry
  • Understand Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning
  • Internet of things, blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms, learning neural networks

the Software Skills Bootcamp (Architectural Engineer / Technician Plus) The course is aimed at architects, engineers, technicians, technologists and anyone interested in the advanced creation and manipulation of digital models. It will cover:

  • Understand Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Industry specific software training
  • Get under the skin – open the SDK
  • Introducing Dynamo and Python
  • Workforce skills training – presentation skills, employability skills, etc.

Both courses will also focus on presentation skills, case study development and training, employability skills and interview technique.

Skills Bootcamps will initially take place online and include a mix of pre-recorded educational material and scheduled live sessions.

If you would like to know more about the Skills Bootcamps, please contact Dr Paul Vickers by sending an email to [email protected]

Northumbria University is a leader in digital construction education and leads the International Center for Connected Construction (IC3), a center of excellence for digital construction with global impact, fostering cutting-edge research and innovation in collaboration with industry and public sectors. IC3 is driving the transformation of the global construction industry through the application of digital technologies and smarter working practices. It will capitalize on expertise in digital construction and a $ 13 billion global market opportunity with a vision to create 426 jobs and add 133 million pounds to the economy by 2026.

Using a collaborative approach, the University of Northumbria works with the wider IC3 consortium to shape and deliver the best quality content. Working with the IoC, Northumbria will ensure that every step of the Skills Bootcamp journey is of high quality and tailored to meet the needs of employers and those looking to upgrade their skills to improve employability.

Lucy Winskell OBE, Professional Vice-Chancellor (Employability and Partnerships) at the University of Northumbria and Chair of the NELEP Board of Directors said: “We are delighted to support the delivery of Government Skills Bootcamps. Northumbria’s expertise in digital construction research, combined with our reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship, and our strong partnerships with industry, means we are uniquely positioned to provide this vital training. Together with our regional partners, we are committed to ensuring the North East’s economy remains resilient in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we look forward to helping close the digital skills gap and supporting the expansion of the digital construction sector in our Region. “

Professor Becky Strachan, Assistant Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Engineering and Environment at Northumbria University, added: “We are delighted to be working with the University of Bath and the wider IoC consortium to offer these tailor-made skills internships to help the construction industry build its human capacity around digital technologies. These bootcamps bring together our expertise in Northumbria in digital technologies and the built environment and build on our strong partnerships in the region and across the UK around digital construction. We look forward to seeing the tangible benefits participants and employers reap from this great skills initiative.

Tim Bailey, President of Constructing Excellence in the North East, said: “Congratulations to the University of Northumbria and their partners. This funding is warmly welcomed and comes at a key time for the region’s construction industry. The growth of skills in digital construction is essential to meet the challenges of the near future. Constructing Excellence in the North East is delighted to support this important initiative as it advances the goals of the region’s construction strategy.

The University of Northumbria crash course in skills training will be delivered by the building information modeling (BIM) publishing company and training provider White Frog. White Frog Director Paul Wody said: “White Frog is thrilled to partner with the University of Northumbria and the Institute of Coding to offer digital construction skills internships. This Ministry of Education initiative combines the latest thinking from academia and industry into an incredibly timely training proposal for the post-COVID economic rebound. It’s a great offer from a great team and fits perfectly with the dynamic of the sector towards digital.

Rachid Hourizi, Director of IoC, said: “The Institute of Coding is delighted to be working with 13 respected UK universities to host 20 IoC-led skills training camps. This allows us to stay focused on delivering high quality digital skills and build on our existing 150+ courses, in which we have enrolled 900,000 learners to date. Our consortium has a proven track record of delivering top-notch digital skills training that helps a diverse group of people find employment.

Learn more about IC3 at www.northumbria.ac.uk/ic3

If you are a learner or a potential employer and would like to learn more about the IoC Led Skills Training Courses, please visit IoCSkillsBootcamps.co.uk

If you would like to learn more about Northumbria University Skills Boot Camps, please contact Dr Paul Vickers by emailing [email protected]