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NGO empowers youth through various trainings – Malawi 24


As a way to economically empower young people in the country, a youth-led non-governmental organization based in Machinjiri in Blantyre, Young Empowers Organization (YEO), has embarked on a project to train young people who do not have managed to attend higher education due to financial difficulties. .

In a separate interview, YEO Executive Director Steven Jonathan said their organization works hand in hand with young people, bringing them together and sharing ideas with them on how to develop Malawi.

“Quietly, as an empowering youth organization, we work hand in hand with young people across the country, bringing them together and sharing ideas with them to implement activities that can benefit them in life. In doing so, we also contribute to the development of this nation.

“The main objective of these short courses is to help young people who have not managed to attend universities and colleges due to financial problems so that they can obtain a paper which they can use to find a job. or start a business and survive in life,” says Jonathan.

He added that the courses offered by the organization are not specific and depend on the majority of those who have qualified as they choose what they want to study at a given time.

“The courses we offer are not specific. Above all, it depends on the majority of young people who have qualified, choose what they want to study at this particular period. Our partners in Thailand offer what these young people have chosen,” he said.

Jonathan added that despite the challenges they face, it is still their organization’s wish to reach all young people across the country with the program.

“We have challenges such as lack of financial support for our work because you know resource mobilization requires financial support.

He then urged young people who are not lucky enough to pursue higher education on the financial situations of the country to apply for these short courses saying that they are very important if they lead to finding a job and finding a job. .

“These short courses are very important if one wants to get a job, we offer accredited certificates. Several organizations and individuals praise the good work we do,” said Saidathan.

He called on the government and other stakeholders to financially support the organization so that it reaches many young people in the country.

“I call on the government and stakeholders that now is the time to start supporting youth activities that can also motivate them. Young people contribute a lot to the development of this country, so they deserve attention and support,” a- he declared.

Currently, the organization, with the support of Cooperative Training Bangkok in Thailand (CTB), organizes short courses online. To be qualified in the trainings, he must be a person who can speak and write English.