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New extension officer offers land stewardship webinars


Whoa everyone!

Ariana Gloria-Martinez is proud to be a Chicana Masters student in the Rangeland Ecosystem Science program in the Department of Forest and Range Stewardship at Colorado State University.

Her dissertation research aims to center and document the histories, lived experiences, leadership, contributions, and ways of knowing of Lakota, Diné, Chicana, Latina, and Hispana pastoralist women across Turtle Island (the so -called United States of the West).

She is also the Small Area Management Coordinator for Colorado State University Extension in Boulder County, where she works to support small acreage landowners and specifically aims to expand the reach of community land stewardship and connection programming and development to meet the needs and interests of historically excluded and overburdened diverse communities of the global majority across Boulder County, regardless of land ownership status.

Gloria-Martinez is committed to centering the means to heal, thrive, act and be in solidarity with con nuestra comunidades who continue to fight for the holistic health, rights and liberation of our peoples, all our relatives more as humans and Mother Earth in varied and transformative ways.

Land Stewardship Webinars

Every summer, Taylor Gifford, the Town of Longmont Natural Resources Volunteer Coordinator, hosts a wonderful Town of Longmont Speaker Series. This year, the speaker series is offered virtually. Online registration required before the date of the webinar. Before the class, you will receive a videoconference link by e-mail. Be sure to follow this link before class to make sure everything is working. Contact Gifford for general information or if you have any questions: (303) 774-4864.

Noxious Weeds in Boulder County

Noon to 1 p.m. on August 24

Join Gloria-Martinez of Boulder County Extension to learn more about noxious weeds in Boulder County. What is a “weed”? Is it the Kentucky bluegrass in our flower bed or the bindweed in our vegetable garden? What ecological mechanisms make weeds so successful in establishing themselves? We will have a community discussion about what defines a “weed”, some common weeds in our area and how we can manage them to make more room for our native plant relatives and microfauna.

Sign up at JoinUs: bit.ly/3dkbSMN

Native and ornamental grasses

Noon to 1 p.m. Sept. 7

Join City of Longmont officials and Boulder County Horticulture Officer Deryn Davidson in this course on native and ornamental grasses. The class covers the basics of grass identification and how to use a variety of grasses in a landscape.

Sign up at JoinUs: bit.ly/3dbPWDn

Introduction to the LandPKS (Land Potential Knowledge System) mobile application

Noon to 1 p.m. Oct. 12

Join Gloria-Martinez to learn more about the LandPKS mobile app. Use this app to learn more about soils and therefore the potential for plant and wildlife habitat on your land. Learn how to plan and track management actions with the app and monitor soil and plant community health indicators over time.

Sign up at JoinUs: bit.ly/3JNuYqD

Do you have any ideas for land stewardship/climate justice topics you would like to collaborate on, learn more about, and see covered in upcoming series of small area stewardship webinars, community pláticas, workshops and/or or on-the-job training?

Please email [email protected] with any ideas you have, as I would love to hear from you and make sure the Boulder County Extension Small Acreage Management Program works for you by working across the county to co-develop and co-create a community of educational events, programs, gatherings and native plant walks near you.

Also check out our CSU Extension Small Acreage Management website for more information, resources, and a wonderful lineup of recorded webinar videos on small acreage management at sam.extension.colostate.edu/.

Ariana Gloria-Martinez is the Small Area Management Coordinator for Colorado State University’s Boulder County Extension in Longmont.