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MUJI is hosting a lot of free online workshops and events this month


Are you looking for something that will stimulate your creativity? For the month of August, MUJI is offering free online courses and workshops for Canadians. These classes are completely free and if you are interested you just need to register for a place for the workshop on the MUJI website. Seating is limited, so if you find something you like, be sure to register ASAP so you don’t miss your chance!

There are a variety of different online courses and workshops out there, so if you’re looking to break your routine and learn something new, you’ll want to check them out.

Here are all the MUJI courses that take place in August:

Botanical watercolor with @feistandflourish: August 12, 2020


Vancouver-based artist Alyssa, also known as @feistandflourish, will teach viewers how to use MUJI brush pens to create botanical art with a watercolor effect. This is a 1 hour beginner’s class, so step out of your comfort zone and learn to do something new! Learn more.

Workspace organization – A KonMari â„¢ ️ demonstration with Randeep St. Jacques: August 22, 2020

Using the quickly popular KonMari method, Randeep St. Jacques will teach you how to efficiently clean and organize your workspace for the most optimal results. While these tips are great for parents looking to organize their child’s workspace, you can apply these learnings to your home office as well. Learn more.

Fall-inspired Bullet Journal released with @withkx: August 26, 2020


Ready to get organized for fall? Join Edmonton-based bullet journal artist Kelly, also known as @withkx, to get some awesome inspiration for your bullet journal. Kelly will walk participants through the creation of their September journal, while also giving them tons of tips for future bullet journals. Learn more.

Houseplant Rescue with Matt Stata: August 29, 2020

We don’t all have a green thumb, but Matt Stata has it and he’s here to share his expertise with us. If you have a reputation for letting your plants wither, sign up for this webinar to find out how to bring them back to life, as well as the key things to look out for when caring for plants. Learn more.

Learn more about MUJI’s online courses and workshops at muji.com/ca/events/.

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