Home Webinars MNR webinars on hunting and fishing techniques continue this winter (posted November 22, 2021)

MNR webinars on hunting and fishing techniques continue this winter (posted November 22, 2021)



Registration open for the new sessions of the Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series

Anyone interested in hunting, fishing and the outdoors can learn about activities such as ice fishing, spear fishing in the dark, winter camping, fly tying for fly fishing, learning to adulthood hunting and clay target shooting in high school by participating in webinars hosted by the Minnesota Department. natural resources.

“We have a great range of new webinars to help get people out throughout the year,” said Benji Kohn, MNR’s Volunteer Mentorship Program Coordinator. “Some webinars focus on hunting and fishing opportunities available in the winter, while others focus on developing other types of outdoor skills. “

The DNR launched the Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship series in March 2021 to share practical knowledge related to seasons and outdoor activities. Webinars take place Wednesday at noon, last less than an hour, and are recorded and delivered available online.

Webinars are free, but participants must pre-register on the MNR website. The themes of the winter session are as follows:

  • November 24 – Nature Rx, before Free Park Friday in Minnesota’s 75 state parks, on the health benefits of getting outside in parks, forests and other natural settings
  • December 1 – Great gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts like snuggling in a RV shack, being a passport club member, or a lifetime of hunting or fishing fun
  • December 8 – Ice safety for outdoor sports, including skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and snowmobiling, to learn how to be safe on ice
  • December 15 – Fly tying, on the basics of fly tying, the materials needed and how to tie a simple fly
  • December 22 – Learn to Hunt as an Adult, for any adult interested in hunting but not sure where to start, and resources for new adult hunters and tips and tricks for getting out in the woods and fields
  • Dec 29 – Introduction to trapping furbearers, on what it takes to get started in trapping and some tips and tricks to be more successful
  • January 5 – High School Clay Target Program, about the Minnesota Clay Target Program, including how to register for a school program and competition details
  • January 12 – Crappie angling on ice, on tips and techniques for catching sunfish, crappie and perch on ice
  • January 19 – Spear phishing in the dark house, about the thrill of piercing a northern pike through a hole in the ice
  • January 26 – Winter Squirrel Hunting, on what to consider when hunting squirrels in winter, including tactics, strategies, equipment and ways to prepare squirrels for the table
  • February 9 – Introduction to winter camping, on some of the necessary equipment, tips and tricks to help campers enjoy the adventure and some reasons why winter might be the best time to go camping
  • February 16 – Introduction to maple syrup, tips for collecting sap, boiling sap and bottling results
  • February 23 – Archery archery hunting basics, on selecting a hunting compound bow and bow accessories needed to hunt effectively; a great program for those who are ready to transition from target archery to archery hunting.