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Microsoft series making mandatory employee training less commonplace



Microsoft is not in the television business, but its employee drama series is a huge success. # k5soiree

REDMOND, Wash. – Microsoft’s hit drama series “The Trust Code” is in its fifth season.

Technically, it’s about the training on the company’s professional conduct standards, but the drama looks like something you might see on Netflix.

It has all the elements one would expect from a successful series: suspense, temptation, and fascinating characters.

Nelson is the best known.

“The whole problem with him is being able to speak out and being able to come forward,” said Rachelle Tanner, executive producer of Trust Code.

But his role at Microsoft is much broader, as the director of learning for compliance and ethics.

She came to the tech company 5 years ago with big ideas, leveraging her experience as a labor litigator and general counsel.

It helped her create realistic stories that people could remember.

And although the Trust Code is a training video, you can find Microsoft employees at social media sing its praises.

“What fascinated me the most was how much people love this thing. They are looking forward to it! Said Brad Smith, president and vice president of Microsoft.

“An essential ingredient is this suspense, which keeps them going. I love it when employees say “what’s the next training? “These are words you hardly ever hear spoken!” Shared Tanner.

Behind Hollywood-style production, the company strives to ensure that the 160,000 employees are on the same page when it comes to making ethical decisions.

“Our mission is to help other organizations do more, so we work with all the companies and if they don’t trust us that’s a problem,” Tanner said.

Whereas most companies cannot reproduce a production of this magnitude.

There is one more lesson anyone can apply.

“People love stories. If you can turn a message into a story and make it entertaining, people will want to watch it. They will learn so much more than if it was one more thing they were forced to do,” he said. Smith said. .

The trusted code can only be viewed by Microsoft employees; but it’s designed to make sure everyone feels the impact.

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