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Michigan Department of Education Pushed Transgender Agenda in Teacher Trainings: Report


Jhe Michigan Department of Education’s training program for public school employees includes extensive curriculum on gender and sexual identities as well as instructions to facilitate student gender transitions without parental notice.

The training material was obtained by Christopher Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, who shared several videos of the trainings on Twitter.


In one video, a presenter claims that “this particular culture” has conditioned people to believe that gender is a binary reality. The presenter then lists a number of supposed gender identities, including “interrogative, demisexual, demiromantic, aromantic and skoliosexual”.

“I’ll let you go to Google because we don’t have time today,” the presenter joked.

In another video, a teacher asked a presenter about a student who had asked to be addressed by “he/she/they/them” pronouns, which the teacher found confusing. The presenter responded by telling the teacher to “comply with what the child says” because children are “the best experts on their own identity and their own body”.

In another clip, a Department for Education presenter offered advice on how to avoid “outing” a suicidal pupil to their parents when the pupil asked to be addressed by a different name and pronoun.

The presenter noted that the law requires parental notification if a student is suicidal, but added, “You can also tell parents that their child is having suicidal thoughts without revealing them, without saying why.”

“You can say, ‘We have concerns. Your kid shared this,'” the presenter said. “I would 1000% recommend working with the student to let them guide this process.”


In a press release Thursday, the Department of Education acknowledged that it is conducting “professional development” sessions so that local school districts are “safe and supportive of LGBTQ+ students” and have an understanding of laws, research and “best practices”. Family engagement, the ministry said, “is fundamental to working with and on behalf of children.”

“Parents, educators, school personnel and the community work together to support and educate children,” Superintendent Michael Rice said in the statement. “Making space in our schools for all of our students, including our LGBTQ children, is essential so that children can learn and grow in safe and positive environments. The involvement and partnership of parents and educators are always encouraged.

The department issued another press release on Friday saying that allegations that the state was encouraging school districts to facilitate secret gender transitions for students were “demonstrably false and deliberately divisive.”

“LGBTQ+ students are significantly more likely than other students to be threatened or injured with a weapon at school, to be bullied at school or online, to skip school because they felt unsafe, to have suffered trauma, to have been pushed or kicked out of their homes and to have attempted suicide,” the department said. “The professional development provided to educators does not promote a ‘radical gender theory agenda.’ It helps educators deal with the realities they experience every day in their classrooms.”