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Mendocino County West Business Development Center offering free online workshops in August – The Ukiah Daily Journal



The West Business Development Center offers a variety of free online workshops in August. All workshops and webinars are one hour long, unless otherwise specified.

The Changing Face of Retail: Strategies for a Changing Market takes place Wednesday, August 4 at 2 p.m. ET. The past 18 months have dramatically changed the way businesses operate. Make sure your business has the strength and knowledge to meet the demands of our ever-changing market in this free workshop! https://tinyurl.com/2jrudx2y

Emergency Preparedness: How to Protect Your Business Before It’s Too Late will take place on Tuesday August 10 at noon. Natural disasters are unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared! Fire season and the potential for power outages to public safety are upon us, so get organized and prepare your business for a disaster! https://tinyurl.com/ynx9wsbu

The ABCs of Google Analytics will take place on Wednesday August 11 at noon. Get the most out of the free but valuable service of Google Analytics by joining this webinar. Find out how to find actionable insights about your users, traffic, and key online metrics, including conversion tracking. https://tinyurl.com/4fwyrt4z

Artists in Action: Social Media Marketing on a Tight Budget will take place on Tuesday, August 17 at 1 p.m. Confused about what to post on your company’s social media page? Join Bob and Kate Burridge as they share tips on how to put together a simple, cost-effective business promotion marketing plan. https://tinyurl.com/8vtv72ms

Hire to Succeed – How to Attract and Hire the Talent You Need will be held on Tuesday, August 24 at noon. Find out how to reduce turnover, improve the efficiency of your recruiting and systematically measure the quality of hires to ensure you have the best person for the job! https://tinyurl.com/4dww5hb6

How to get paid on time will take place on Wednesday August 25 at 10 am. Certain policies, systems and procedures need to be in place to ensure cash flow as well as good relationships with your customers. Join this workshop to reduce the risks of your business. https://tinyurl.com/kds2vxav

The ABCs of Google Analytics 4 will take place on Wednesday August 25 at noon. Are you launching a new website or installing Google Analytics? Join this workshop and get familiar with Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google’s valuable free analytics suite. https://tinyurl.com/9htcejr4

The ABCs of Multifactor Authentication will be held on Thursday, August 26 at 10 a.m. Passwords alone are not enough to secure your most important accounts. Take your cybersecurity to the next level and protect the accounts critical to your business. https://tinyurl.com/yvvpuce3

Commercial Balance: Creativity in terms of productivity, skills, strategies and synergies will be held on Thursday, August 26 at 1 p.m. Explore the three Ss of creative empowerment: skills, strategies and synergies. Be creative and discover new opportunities for your professional advancement. https://tinyurl.com/4mbm3nd5