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Madison PD has awarded $ 500,000 for violence prevention efforts and de-escalation trainings


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Madison Police Department on Wednesday received two separate grants totaling more than $ 500,000, which will fund violence prevention efforts and training in de-escalation techniques.

Chief of Police Shon Barnes said that the grants come from the Office of Community Oriented Policing- US Department of Justice.

“We are grateful to have this opportunity to develop and implement promising and creative approaches to preventing crime and promoting safety in our community,” said Barnes.

The first grant will provide $ 125,000 for pilot programs for area youth through RISE Wisconsin, a community organization that works to break the cycle of youth committing violent crime.

The program focuses on providing resources to minors who commit crimes over time and their families, explained project manager Captain Mike Hanson. There are also adult intervention programs for those living with youth who have been arrested.

“Many young people arrested for violent crimes have siblings who are already behind in reading and arithmetic and may have unresolved trauma issues,” Hanson said. “Because siblings live in the same environments as their arrested siblings, we believe that targeted intervention with offenders and siblings can help reduce their likelihood of following the same criminal path and can also help. to reduce the recidivism of offenders. “

The second grant, set at $ 126,420, focuses on de-escalation techniques and will fund the efforts of the MPD Training Center to provide certified training to agents. It will also upgrade the virtual reality equipment that will be used to teach these methods to agents.

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