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Learn digital marketing during Live Entrepreneur Homeschool trainings


This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

When the global pandemic began in January 2020, startups and small businesses around the world found themselves in an unfavorable scenario for their growth.

Their sales fell overnight due to the new health regulations. Customers have stopped visiting stores, restaurants, malls, gyms and physical service establishments.

However, consumers still needed their favorite products and looked to online media to find and buy them. The digital world has become the dominant commercial space and people have found a convenient and accessible resource to approach brands and shop.

And although the end of the health crisis is getting closer and closer, it is a fact that new consumption habits are here to stay.

With a few months to the end of 2021 and with the Christmas season in sight (synonymous with more sales and more money in the streets), businesses need a digital marketing strategy to gain a large market share.

Only then can they approach potential consumers and retain those they already have. If brands want to grow and stay competitive, it is essential that they know how to navigate an online environment.

As part of the constant effort to provide its community with the tools necessary for its success, The entrepreneur goes perform in collaboration with Black Cherry Contenidos a series of four live digital marketing training courses applied to entrepreneurs and SMEs.


The sessions will be free and broadcast on Facebook Live for entrepreneurs every Thursday from September 30 to 11:30 a.m. (Mexico time).

The objective of these trainings provided by Omar Flore s, founder of Black Cherry Contenidos and digital marketing specialist, is to talk about platforms and technological tools that can help a business grow regardless of its size or industry.

The live training program has been developed taking into account the real and practical needs of entrepreneurs:


  • Session 1 of Thursday, September 30: Learn to build a digital brand
  • Session 2 of Thursday, October 7: How to create communities loyal to your brand
  • Session 3 of Thursday, October 14: Digital tools to boost your entrepreneurship
  • Session 4 of Thursday, October 21: Ads on Facebook and Google (with special guest)

To participate in these free live sessions, attendees do not need to be digital experts. The content is designed for people who have a basic level and for those who already have some training, but want to know the possible applications and practical opportunities.

In less than an hour, participants will gain specialist knowledge that is easy to implement in any business.

If you are an entrepreneur, content creator, influencer, have your personal brand or are responsible for marketing an SME, we look forward to seeing you every Thursday during our live digital marketing training.


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