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LawPay Announces Record Number of Free Continuing Legal Education Webinars in 2021, to Better Serve Lawyers


AUSTIN, Texas – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –LawPay, the leading online payment solution for legal professionals, announced over 11,000 individual LawPay CLE accreditations granted in 2021. This record number of completed CLE webinars follows the announcement of AffiniPay’s recognition on the list Inc. 5000 for the 10th consecutive year.

LawPay launched its CLE program in March 2016 and has stepped up efforts since then establishing integrations with other innovators in legal technology as well as developing relationships with state and local law societies. Continuing legal education is compulsory in 40 states and voluntary programs are offered in the remaining 10. Lawyers must have a continuing legal education ranging from 12 to 45 hours depending on state requirements. LawPay’s CLE program has hosted over 500 webinars, helping to fill gaps in a lawyer’s legal education while expanding legal knowledge in all areas.

LawPay continues to redouble its efforts to further serve the legal community by investing in on-site staff. LawPay Education Director Claude Ducloux and lawyer and legal counsel Jordan Turk are at the forefront of CLE’s success, providing in-depth content and in-depth video webinars on a variety of legal topics. The four major webinars published this year had over 1,000 participants each, covering topics ranging from client agreements to preparation as a solo lawyer for trials.

“It is truly a pleasure to work with so many LawPay clients in the pursuit of their legal education, and it is an honor to be part of the path to success for many lawyers,” said Ducloux. “The importance of these CLE webinars is not only to stay abreast of notable changes in the legal industry, but to be a lifelong learner of substantive and procedural law topics, ethics and law management. practice of law. ”

Ducloux indicated that due to the popularity of his seminars nationwide, he regularly receives emails from attorneys in attendance who have enjoyed the presentations and requesting information and advice. “It is truly an honor to help my fellow lawyers across the country, and I try to answer every email completely and thoroughly, and to help whenever I can.”

LawPay’s CLE webinars allow clients to stay informed and up to date with evolving issues while maintaining professionalism in the eyes of their clients. The flexible learning atmosphere presented by LawPay’s CLE program allows clients to view live webinars that provide up-to-date legal information from a live instructor, or an on-demand webinar option that offers clients the possibility of taking their continuing legal education courses according to their schedule.

“The fact that the CLE program plays such an important role in the success of LawPay clients’ legal knowledge and practices, and demonstrates the commitment we honor by providing the best resources to enable them to meet their CLE requirements each year.” AffiniPay CEO Dru Armstrong said. “CLE’s record number of completions in 2021 alone is a testament to the program’s positive impact on legal professionals and a platform not only focused on payment processing, but also on the educational needs to achieve high standards. new heights. ”

For more information, visit LawPay’s CLE & Education Center at https://www.lawpay.com/solutions/education/.

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