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Kentucky Horse Council to Offer Two Livestock Survey Trainings in 2022 – Horse Racing News



The first of two Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) Livestock Investigation Training (LIT) is scheduled for July 11-13, 2022. and Kentucky prosecutors, is free; registration for employees of equine rescue and adoption organizations is $150 for the three-day training.


Developed by KHC in partnership with the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association (KCA) with input from experienced police officers, veterinarians and cattle ranchers, this course is tailored to the needs of the Commonwealth. During these trainings, managers will learn how to safely and strategically manage horses, cattle and other farm animals in the wild, as well as identify animals at risk.

LIT participants will be housed at the Secretariat Center, a thoroughbred rehabilitation facility located at Kentucky Horse Park and Blue Grass Stockyards. There they will learn how to handle horses and cattle, assess the body condition of both species, identify situations requiring intervention, and apply Kentucky laws to animal-related court cases. Participants will also practice handling and evaluating live horses and livestock, as well as review Kentucky laws and enforcement procedures.

“We are excited to offer two livestock survey trainings in 2022,” said Sarah Coleman, executive director of the Kentucky Horse Council. “These trainings provide vital animal abuse and neglect education to our Kentucky law enforcement officers and rescue personnel. We are deeply grateful to the Secretariat Center and Blue Grass Stockyards for consistently supporting the KHC in our mission to protect horses and other farmed animals in the Commonwealth by providing a sound understanding of handling and livestock husbandry, which increases the likelihood of positive results for free-ranging animals. or those found in situations of neglect.

Sponsorship of this program allows the Kentucky Horse Council to provide free training registration to county and state officials, including animal control officers, police, sheriffs, and other responsible personnel. of law enforcement. Download the sponsorship file here.

KHC has trained more than 260 officers from 60 Kentucky counties since training began in 2008. Livestock Investigations I fall training will be held Oct. 24-26 in Lexington. This course is open to out-of-state officials and equestrian enthusiasts for a fee of $250 per person. Register for the course here.

For more information, visit www.kentuckyhorse.org or contact the Kentucky Horse Council at 859-367-0509 or [email protected]