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POLOKWANE – “I have a passion for helping people understand, adopt and use the law as a tool to protect themselves and their loved ones. I want to help people come out of ignorance, and I am fulfilled when people understand why they need to take control of their lives and change the narrative for their loved ones,” Keneilwe said.

According to her, there is a general misunderstanding of the law regarding marriage and the effects of death in families. She said people get married without thinking about the legal implications and only realize they should have consulted a lawyer when they run into problems.

Keneilwe gave Polokwane Observer an example of what she discusses during her webinars: Initially, Africans had to marry twice.

Once in terms of custom, then again in terms of civil law to ensure that their marriage had legal status. This is because prior to November 15, 2000, customary marriages were not recognized as legal marriages under South African law.

“It was possible for a man to marry a woman under customary law, to abandon her and marry another woman under civil law. The civil marriage would then be recognized under our law. With the introduction of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act, customary marriages are now recognized as legal marriages and the only way to end them is through divorce,” she said. Despite this, she added, most people still marry twice.

Some might even enter into a customary marriage and then marry others under civil law without first divorcing.

“In the event of death, usually that of the husband, the two women dispute the succession because each claims to be the legal wife and is obliged to go to court to have one of them declared the legal wife”, she explained. .

Keneilwe added that many people do not have a will and when they die their families fight over property and the children often suffer, for example: “If you leave a house, children and a wife behind, this house will be inherited. by each of them according to a legal formula. If the children are from different mothers or fathers, a disagreement may arise over what to do with the assets that were left behind, whether to keep them or sell them,” Keneilwe explained.

With these webinars, Keneilwe said, attendees will understand how the law affects them and their loved ones.

“Most importantly, they learn the importance of planning their lives and using the law as a tool to protect themselves and create a legacy for their loved ones,” she said.

Those wishing to join the webinars can WhatsApp Keneilwe on 076 884 1842.

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