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Internshala Trainings prepares students to be more than interns | Advertising


Internshala Trainings, the e-learning arm of the Internshala career technology platform, has launched a campaign called #ShuruaatYahinSe (departure is from here). Conceptualized by Internshala Trainings and K Silent Productions, the campaign aims to encourage students to take online training at Internshala Trainings and overcome the confusion that comes with career choices. All three films feature actors Vaibhav Gupta and Ritvik Sahore who play brothers.

In one of the films, the confused senior student played by Sahore, is guided by his older brother, played by Gupta. He suggests using Internshala Trainings, as the first step towards building a career.

Another film shows Gupta telling Sahore to stop cleaning vegetables and get some training. Sahore then tells him that he is ready for anything, but that he needs to be reassured to find a job. Gupta then suggests Internshala Trainings, which guarantees students internships.

In the last film, Sakore tells Gupta that although he did engineering, he lacks practical knowledge and will definitely fail his practical work. Gupta then tells him to invest in hands-on learning lessons to become proficient, instead of just studying for fun.

Shadab Alam, Manager – Internshala Trainings, said: “Students coming out of university and not being placed are a huge problem. It is also a big stigma in our society and very unfortunate for these students. With our initiative, #ShuruaatYahinSe, we aim to address critical challenges faced by current Indian students by encouraging them to become skilled and work-ready to give their careers the best start”