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ICAI, partner of Marwadi University to conduct research and training


The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Marwadi University (MU) with the aim of promoting joint research between the two institutions, by organizing workshops and training programs for students , professors, business leaders and research. researchers on topics of professional and academic interest.

It also involves a regular exchange of course materials, case studies, research publications and other academic and research contributions. Under the MoU, MU and ICAI will also undertake mutually beneficial joint research projects.

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The collaboration involves the delivery of specialized training programs in areas of mutual interest by ICAI experts and MU faculty members acting as resource persons for training programs or workshops organized by the ICAI.

“Through the regular exchange of journals, case studies and other academic and research inputs, Marwadi University and ICAI seek to create a comprehensive educational ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders,” said Dr. Sunil Jakhoria, Dean of Faculty of Management Studies, University of Marwadi.

ICAI members also opt for a PhD from Marwadi University under the MoU. “By partnering with Marwadi University, ICAI looks forward to having a promising partnership in opening doors for other aspiring CAs to advance their careers by pursuing a PhD at Marwadi University,” said CA Jay Chhaira, chair of the board of studies. , HERE HAS.

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Members of the Rajkot branch of the Western India Regional Council of the ICAI have also offered to carry out joint attempts to participate in national and international conferences.

Prof. (Dr) Sandeep Sancheti, Rector of Marwadi University, said: “ICAI is a leading name in the world of finance and accounting, with highly respected members across the globe. Likewise, Marwadi University marks its own presence in the world of technology and related fields with its direct presence in more than 50 countries. It is a symbiotic relationship between ICAI and Marwadi University to showcase and recognize the professional endeavors undertaken by each other. »

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