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Help shape the future of Oswestry by participating in online workshops, the community is invited



Bailey Street, Oswestry

The online events will allow people to express their views on the future of the city.

The workshops start on the theme of Better Place to Live this Thursday, from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m., around public spaces, streets and investment.

A Better Place for Business will take place on June 24 and Healthy Town on July 8.

The students and parents of the city’s Marche School also had their say, reading all of the master plan documents and filling out comment cards.

Steve Charmley, President of the Future Oswestry Group, said: “The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity to discuss the vision of the blueprint, key goals and objectives, and how they can be developed to achieve this. ensure that Oswestry will be an even better place to live.

“The discussion will focus on collectively creating a vision for a better place to live and the goals for achieving it, which work for Oswestry. No new material will be presented at the workshop.

“We will also focus on key locations in and around the city and how this could be achieved in those areas. All comments will be shared and incorporated into the planning process.

Ed Potter, Shropshire Council cabinet member for economic growth, regeneration and planning, said: ideas for the future.

“It is absolutely vital that we capture the views of the younger generation and that has been really well supported.

For the Mayor of Oswestry, City Councilor Mark Jones, the master plan was an important document for the future development of the city and the key to securing external investments and he encouraged the local population to get involved in the workshops.

The Oswestry Business Improvement District is involved in the process and the BID Manager has urged as many businesses and residents as possible to get involved in this process.

“Workshops are a great way to share your thoughts and participate in discussions. If you are unable to attend the workshops, please see the details on the Shropshire Council website and email in your comments. Shaping the future of Oswestry is up to all of us and this is an opportunity to be a part of it. “

To reserve your spot at the workshops, email [email protected] and an invitation to the meeting will be sent to you.



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