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Gordonstoun’s Online Workshops on the Art of Dialogue to Help Students Succeed in the Post-Covid World of Work


GORDONSTOUN School will be hosting a virtual symposium this weekend to teach senior students in Moray and the UK the art of successful dialogue, especially online.

Online meeting tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet are now a part of everyday life and will likely be here to stay as people work differently after the coronavirus.

However, recent weeks have seen the fallout from poor dialogue skills, most notably at Handforth Parish Council when its chaotic and moody Zoom meeting left members of the public shaking their heads.

Gordonstoun Director Lisa Kerr said: “The Handforth Parish Council meeting revealed a contradictory and unproductive approach to procedure which is sadly all too common in modern public debate.

“With such models, we risk leaving the next generation ill-equipped with the skills necessary for respectful negotiation.

“Many schools have debate societies, but that only teaches students to make their own point of view and win an argument.

“For society to move forward, the next generation must know how to listen and achieve the best result for all. This is why we have a dialogue society in Gordonstoun and why we are organizing the second dialogue symposium which is open to schools around the Great -Brittany.

“After welcoming students to Gordonstoun for our inaugural symposium in 2019, this year will focus on online dialogue, reflecting how our work is now done digitally. We believe this is an important skill that needs to be developed. “

Lisa Kerr, Director of Gordonstoun.

The symposium will take place online from Saturday March 6.

Keith Grammar School is one of those where students will be educated.

Keith history professor Craig Clow said: “The 2019 Symposium was a valuable opportunity for our students to broaden their perspectives. own.

“Plus, having only really participated in debate as opposed to dialogue, the ability to approach the speech using a whole new approach opened the door to a lot of possibilities for them once they got home.”

The three-day event will be led by Gordonstoun professor James Smith. He holds a master’s degree in peace and conflict and was part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Mr. Smith said: “The art of dialogue is very different from the art of debate.

“It’s not about winning an argument but about being critical and understanding your opponent’s point of view so that you can achieve the best outcome for everyone. It takes listening and listening. empathy – essential skills that will help these students throughout their lives. “

Ms Kerr added: “We believe that dialogue skills are just as important in education as French or physics and we want to make sure that as many young people as possible can acquire these skills.

“We must now unite to rebuild after the pandemic and a successful dialogue will be essential to keep the nation united and focused in its response.”

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