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Fullerton Arboretum Hosts Free Online Nature-Related Workshops


The Fullerton Arboretum is offering free online workshops in June.

Jie Tan will host “Explore Living Colors: The Ecology in Book Arts” on June 15-17. During the workshop, participants will be able to create bookmarks, cards, collages, books and binders using leaves, flowers, paper and yarn.

In another workshop on June 19, led by Steve Kaye, attendees can learn practical tips and techniques for capturing hummingbirds on camera.

Debbie Vengco, associate director of marketing and communications for outreach and international programs at Cal State Fullerton, said via email that the workshops are the result of staff thinking about ways to engage their audiences during the closing.

The Fullerton Arboretum sunflower field is part of a fundraising project. At the end of May, the plants were blooming and stakes personalized with names were placed.

(Greg Dyment)

The 26-acre arboretum has remained closed to the public since last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most staff were furloughed at the start of the pandemic and later a team of horticulturists were brought back full time to look after the plant collections.

Since its closure, the space which was once a community garden has become a field of sunflowers linked to a fundraising projectand the annual arboretum vegetable sale Vegepalooza took place online in the spring. Proceeds from the sale were used to help the arboretum maintain full-time staff, care for plants on site, and support conservation efforts.

The arboretum is expected to reopen in early July, according to Vengco.

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