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From Cover to Booth: Tomorrowland Announces ‘DJ Bootcamps’ for Kids – EDM.com


When Dr. Seuss said, “Adults are just outdated kids,” he probably didn’t think they were DJs.

Kids can now ditch the scavenger hunts for turntables thanks to Tomorrowland, which will soon launch a series of bespoke “DJ bootcamps”. The popular electronic dance music festival brand recently announced the launch of special “Kids Camps” for children aged 8-17, who can sign up for a week-long electronic music mentorship experience. They will learn how to match beats, EQ, loop and filter, among many other fundamental DJing techniques.

Tomorrowland will also feature a week-long bootcamp experience for adults. The end goal, according to the festival, is a physical music academy that offers a turnkey solution for budding artists to produce, distribute and perform electronic music. In addition to the physical school, Tomorrowland also plans to launch an online hub.

According to a press release issued by the festival, all attendees will end the week with “Full Madness Access to Tomorrowland 2022” as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour and the chance to perform live on one of Tomorrowland’s official stages. before the start of the festival. .

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The electronic music workshop of Lennert Wolfs for Tomorrowland.

Believe it or not, the educational enterprise is not the first initiative launched by Tomorrowland to meet the needs of children. In October 2021, they launched a clothing line for toddlers with the goal of “carrying positivity and unity into the early stages of their lives.”

The bootcamps will take place during the weeks between the two Tomorrowland festival weekends in 2022 (July 18-21 and July 25-28). You can find out more here.


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