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Free webinars offered to help manage forests



WOODLANDS are increasingly recognized as an important factor in the fight against climate and biodiversity emergencies. They can produce a range of sustainable products, help improve air and water quality, provide a framework for recreation and tourism, support jobs and businesses in the rural economy – and just make us feel better in the world.

In most cases, however, for this to happen, forests must be managed and a forest that is not is likely to lose value for both wildlife and timber. As light is excluded from the lower canopy, soil flora suffers and new trees cannot take hold. Regeneration is limited to a narrow range of species and the wood quality of the remaining trees is declining. Unmanaged woodlands are also less resistant to increasing threats from pests and diseases. Despite this, over 40% of England’s forests are undeveloped.

To counter this, a series of free webinars has been launched for forest owners in the North East and Yorkshire who are not currently managing their forests. The webinars were designed to introduce people to the key steps in successful forest management, including: management planning; regulations and incentives; sell wood; and forests and climate change.

They will be presented by experts in each subject delivered in a way that is accessible to all. Each webinar will last approximately one hour and will consist of a presentation and an opportunity to ask questions. Participants may also be offered a free online counseling session and additional support, depending on their location.

All webinars will take place at 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, starting November 30. For more information on the series and to reserve your free seat, see www.ruraldevelopment.org.uk/free-woods-into-management-webinars.