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Five reasons to join PETA’s online workshops


Now is a great time for budding artists to hone a skill or try something they’ve always wanted to do.

Now is a great time for budding artists to hone a skill or try something they’ve always wanted to do.

Following a successful broadcast of their musical Rak of Aegis, 54-year-old theater company Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is bringing their unique brand of theater training to your doorstep through their upcoming cycle of online workshops in September. until October 2021.

Aiming to provide an avenue of learning and creative expression for beginners and professionals alike, PETA’s exclusive online workshops are designed to meet the demands of adults seeking personal artistic development between their busy home work schedules.

Besides having a chance to grow artistically, there are a few other reasons why joining a PETA workshop is a worthwhile investment for aspiring artists.

1. Be trained by artists and practicing teachers. PETA’s online workshops provide access to some of the company’s top artist-teachers, who have gone through an intensive teacher training program. This faculty development ensures that participants will experience PETA’s signature curriculum with well-rounded teachers who have a rich theatrical practice and excellent teaching skills. Teachers for the next cycles of workshops include Meann Espinosa and Kiks Baento for Acting for Beginners; Jeff Hernandez and Zoe Damag for Creative Musical Theater; Phil Noble and Ian Segarra for the role of actor on screen; and J-Mee Katanyag for writing for the performance.

2. It encourages collaboration and connection in a safe environment. Online acting classes are a great way to collaborate, connect, and interact with other artists from a distance. It is a unique opportunity to live a kind of community of which we do not have enough, especially in these extraordinary times.

3. It is a step towards making a dream come true. A theater workshop is almost always the first step in a creative career in the performing arts. Now is a great time for budding artists to hone a skill or try something they’ve always wanted to do. Participants in PETA’s online workshops can finally start their writing journey, learn the ropes of acting for the camera, hone their performance and singing skills, and flex their acting muscles.

4. It redefines performance and creative spaces. Without a physical space that defines where art is made, now any place can turn into a creative hub. Participants don’t need the structure of a classroom or the stage of a theater to make art – it can now happen anywhere and anytime.

5. It is a way of reminding yourself that you are not alone. Studies have shown that involvement in the arts can reduce anxiety and loneliness, increase feelings of worth and purpose, and other emotional benefits. Through theater, not only do we share a part of ourselves through creative expression, but it also allows us to have a shared experience and a valuable connection with other people.

These are just a few of the many reasons why one should get involved in the arts. For interested candidates, PETA’s virtual doors are now open to professionals, or to any serious beginner or aspiring artist.

To learn more about PETA courses, visit bit.ly/PETAWorkshopOnline or contact Betita Sarmiento at 0929-891-9538, [email protected]

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