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Etowah Co. School Resource Officers Receive New Trainings


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – Earlier this week, the School Resource Officer Division of the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office participated in in-house training courses for the upcoming school year.

Lead Forearms Instructor Investigator Will Farley completed more than eight hours of firearms training with ORS on Monday. The training was adapted to Etowah ORS in their daily operations in schools.

On Tuesday, Dr. Thomas Page and Gadsden Fire/JSOG Medi Commander Eric Estes taught the Tactical Medicine session where ORS learned to “stop the bleeding” which can be used in the event an officer or his partner is injured in an active shooter situation, they can stay in the fight.

The skills could also be used to help save the lives of victims in the immediate area once the threat has been eliminated and until advanced medical attention can arrive.

On Wednesday, the training took place at Glencoe High School led by SRO Deputy Craigh Tyler, DTF Officer Matt Sims and Investigator Jeffrey Riggs.

The instruction consisted of modern building cleaning techniques consisting of limited penetration and dynamic entry. SROs were able to participate in active shooter scenarios where they had to eliminate the threat in team entries, officer liaisons, and single officer responses.

After the Deputies took out the three, they then had to use the skills they had learned in Tactical Medicine training by taking care of the actors’ injuries in those scenarios.

The Sheriff’s Office recently purchased medical kits for SROs to carry during daily operations which contain a pair of nitrile gloves, EMT shears, swat tourniquet, quick clot bandage, emergency trauma bandage, an S-rolled gauze and a chest seal with a cat tourniquet.

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