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Data science training provider Metis launches flexible online bootcamps and immersive short courses to help professionals improve their skills and maintain a work-life balance


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Metis, a leading provider of data science and analytics skills training for individuals and businesses, is launching a new Online Flex format of its bootcamps and short immersive courses. The new format will make its programs more accessible to professionals who wish to continue working during programs, who need to prioritize work-life balance, or who live in a non-U.S. time zone.

Online Flex programs combine on-demand lectures that allow students to work on their own schedules, with one-on-one live support from data scientist instructors, regular office hours to review student projects and questions, and a live interactive access to their peer community. Clear deadlines for assignments, along with organized modules, provide the structure and accountability that many students need.

Bootcamp students in the Online Flex format will receive the same high level of career support as Metis Live Online students, with one-on-one career support until they get a job, plus a dedicated career week after graduation. ‘Graduation. Career Week will focus on helping graduates get hired through a series of workshops, speaker presentations, mock tech interviews and an employer panel. The new Online Flex bootcamps include:

  • Data analysis

  • Data Science

  • Data science and engineering

  • Data science and machine learning

To help students kick-start their data science journey, Metis is offering introductory tuition 30% below regular tuition on all Online Flex bootcamps, for those who apply by May 17 and register before June 4.

Metis Online Flex Short Immersive Courses are designed for students who want to learn in-demand skills in data science and analytics in just one month. Unlike bootcamps, registration is open, with no admissions process. Students will learn from elite instructors in this flexible part-time format, while applying what they’ve learned to a final project that can be added to a professional portfolio. Alumni of Immersive Short Courses can apply the amount of tuition paid for one course towards registration for an upcoming bootcamp upon admission.

“Being able to offer these Online Flex bootcamps and short immersive programs to more students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enroll is something that we are very excited about. We know how busy our potential students are, many of whom juggle professional responsibilities with busy personal lives. These new options provide the kind of flexibility that many have been looking for. Now they can learn in-demand data skills while continuing to work and spend much-needed time with their families and doing other things they love,” said Jason Moss, President and Founder. of Metis.

For more information and to apply for one of Metis’ Online Flex bootcamps, which begin in July, visit www.thisismetis.com/bootcamps. To register for one of Metis’ immersive courses, visit www.thisismetis.com/courses.

For journalists wishing to speak to a Métis spokesperson, contact Russell Schaffer at 917.822.8190 or [email protected]plan.com.

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