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Coalition for prevention update on trainings, events



November 23 – POINT PLEASANT – The Coalition for Prevention recently held its monthly meeting to take stock and discuss future training on naloxone.

Coalition coordinator Ronie Wheeler said he took red ribbons, handouts, substance abuse prevention information and other things that could be distributed at Point Pleasant and Wahama Junior High School. / Senior.

Wheeler said a drug withdrawal day hasn’t happened this year at Point Pleasant, but is already on his schedule to be prepared for next year.

The coalition participated in the New Haven Fall Festival this year.

“Lora Wells was at the New Haven Fall Festival,” Wheeler said. “I dropped off a bunch of stuff for her like water bottles, kids stuff, backpacks, things like that, that she could hand out at the fall festival.”

Wheeler said there were additional items left in stock for future needs.

Wheeler said he had naloxone training and if anyone needed it it could be arranged.

“This comes in very handy if you are driving on the road, see someone lying on the sidewalk, at least we can help you,” Wheeler said.

The coalition discussed various things that need to be completed throughout the year.

The addition of a drug drop box at the Pleasant Valley Hospital was discussed.

“We would love to have one,” said Jeff Noblin, CEO of FACHE, Pleasant Valley Hospital.

“We can create one for you then,” Wheeler said. “We’re going to put one over there and install it.”

Richard Sargent, SADD section counselor at Point Pleasant Junior / Senior High School, provided an update on the school section.

Sargent said during Red Ribbon Week a large number of ribbons were handed out in the return game, along with water bottles and literature.

“At school the following week, we had a lunchtime contest,” Sargent said. “We handed out some sort of quiz to a few hundred students who wanted them. We had answers to this quiz all over the school, so it was a learning experience. The students went around and they went. [found] the answers to the various questions on drug addiction and statistics on drug addiction, harassment, etc. At the end of the week, from all that was returned, we picked one, checked to make sure it had all of the correct answers, and offered a $ 25 gift card. “

Sargent said he attended a meeting with other SADD regional advisers the day before the coalition meeting, obtaining valuable information. He said the school is busy and the organization plans to get things back on track after the Thanksgiving break.

The next meeting of the Mason County Prevention Coalition will be on January 14, 2022 at 4 p.m.

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